A business has to keep moving. To evolve, progress and generate astounding sales to become successful.

There are many ways to do so, and numerous of them have to do with your advertising and marketing scheme. Your company has to make itself known in your particular ecosystem and industry.

One way to grow your customer base is by joining trade shows and exhibitions. At a relevant event, you should endeavour to make your mark. It's when you have to optimise your presence.

The initial cost of joining an event can be frightening, but doing your part well creates such to be a fantastic source of income.

If you implement the right techniques, you can typically go around the dilemma of spending exorbitantly for your trade show stand. In the first place, setting up an exhibition stand doesn't have to be pricey.

Data says that 21% of exhibitors shell out only £100-£500 per year on their event booth, while 40% do so for £500 to £2000 for the same period.

Are you a newbie company when it comes to exhibiting, or otherwise a veteran in this aspect? Read on to boost your ROI through these avenues.

8 Tips To Make Your Event Stand A Success

How Do You Make Sure That Your Event Stand Is A Success

1. Optimise the use and benefits of social media

Before the event and as preparation, inform your social media followers as to when and where it will be held. Specifically, indicate where your stand is going to be situated.

See to it that you sign the event hashtag in your social media promotions because, chances are, the organisers will re-share them. This way, their followers would be aware of your brand, too.

Likewise, follow the posts of the event organisers and tag them on your own. This gives your posts better opportunities to be shared and propagated throughout the net.

Information that you should publicise on your social media channel includes behind-the-scenes pictures during your booth set-up, the characteristics of the product and services you are showcasing, valuable insights from the trade show speakers' speeches and whatever promotions and competitions you're holding.

2. Give away freebies, promotional materials, and perform product demos

If done well, these methods can help you outshine your competition. They can give potential customers worthy reasons to visit your stand.

Although gimmicky, giveaways, competitions and demos can entice people to check out your space, and in turn, you obtain leads that will eventually become buying and repeat customers.

3. Coordinate with the event organisers

For the most part, your event organisers are your allies. They want you to succeed so that their trade show will succeed.

So have a good talk with them before the exhibition and coordinate with them about their promotional activities. Determine and participate in those that will work well with you.

Some of these activities are:

  • Advertisements in the trade show programme.
  • Being included in the exhibitors' directory.
  • Being promoted on social media.
  • Being promoted or advertised in the trade show emails.
  • Being mentioned over the speakers in the said event.
  • Opportunities for sponsorships.
  • Speaking and presentation opportunities.

4. Set and keep an eye on your objectives

Make a checklist before setting up your space. What are the materials that you should bring and who of your staff is going to manage the booth? Initially, determine your objectives, so you'll have guidelines about a successful trade show stand.

For instance, what is your target number if you're planning to generate leads?

Is it making sales that you want to achieve? Then what figures and how many of them do you want to accomplish?

Your goal is to have as many guests drop by your space. If so, how many exactly do you want to attain?

Clarify your goals so that you'll know what to achieve and label your trade show stand a success.

5. Ascertain your lead capture procedure

You have to carry out means to capture your customers' contact details, and you need to have this arranged before you open and manage your booth.

Is it by listing them on a spreadsheet or having visitors fill out a paper form? Maybe you intend to collect business cards? Or else, you can have your customers' info directly entered into your system.

The flowchart of this process ought to be ensured by having your team work through the leads. They should be well aware of what they need to do as soon as they obtain the data. At the soonest time, action your leads while the trade show still lingers on their minds.

6. Be present at the networking sessions after the event

Typically, at the end of the exhibit's first day, the event organisers would host an informal networking session. This is a promising opportunity for you to be acquainted with prospective customers in a more casual setting.

Other than sponsoring these networking sessions, look for opportunities to get to know your potential patrons. You can even buy them drinks.

7. Design your stand in advance and thoughtfully

This ought to be done in advance, giving you a clear vision of what your space will look like. If it's a rough sketch that you can make do with, utilise it. In which sections are you going to display your products, and where will the demos be located?

Allocate sufficient space in your stand, and this is for the customers' traffic. Don't allow your booth to look cluttered by showcasing hordes of marketing materials.

8. Work your way around your exhibition area

If you can, mingle and network with pertinent people during the conference. Before the event, take a good look at the programme ahead of time to determine which presentations would be interesting to your brand or your customers.

You can even note and practice various talking points that'll enable you to link your product or service.

Check out your competitions' booths as well so you can know how they go about. If they have discrepancies, figure out how you can fill the gaps.

Final Thoughts

As a keen businessman or company manager, you can make sure that your event stand is a success by following the above tips.

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