Posters are designed to catch people's attention. Mainly, they are meant to entice patrons and customers to support your brand and services. Depending on the size of these marketing and advertising tools, the right audience is supposed to stop and notice what you are trying to sell.

It is crucial that you choose the best poster size for your advertising and marketing endeavour because it can garner the desired effect. It also matters where you display these playbills so they get exposed to the most lucrative onlookers.

This article will guide you about the most suitable poster sizes and printing options to make your event or advertising campaign successful.

What Are The Standard Poster Sizes For Advertising?

How to choose the size of the posters for business events


1. A0 Posters (841mm x 1189mm)

Your business or event ad presented via an A0 poster is unmissable. At Apprintable, the A0 is the largest A-size printing choice.

All eyes are bound to capture your message with an A0 poster print. Your desired audience takes notice of your brand even at a distance.

Your posters for advertising are similar to a walking billboard that calls for attention, and you can consider budget-friendly options for printing. Your creative ideas can come to life and be laid bare to the best audience with the help of experts in our agency.

Large format sizes such as A0 posters are mostly used to officially advertise films in cinemas. Another example is bus stop posters that have versatile promotional use.

A0 posters measure 841mm x 1189mm, and it is double the size of an A1 poster.

2. A1 Posters (594mm x 841mm)

Does your business have a lot to say? Then you can let the details out by printing them on A1 posters. A major advantage of poster advertising is that it works round the clock.

You'll want to obtain strong recognition for your brand, and you can do so via A1 posters. By all means, the highest number of audiences possible should be aware of your business.

This poster size, being large, is utilised for capturing huge attention and usually as a means of advertising musical and entertainment artists. Its purpose is to promote them to fans so that they can purchase tickets at events or poster shops.

A1 posters with 594mm x 841mm dimensions are multi-event marketing tools that do an astounding job.

3. A2 Posters (420mm x 594mm)

Effective communication is essential in advertising, and A2 posters can be an avenue for this. It is bound to reach your target audience that in turn bolsters your marketing credentials.

Is your organisation selling an avant-garde or state-of-the-art product or service? Send your flamboyant message across through A2 posters. This means of publicising your brand creates a long-lasting impression.

A fantastic perk of advertisement through A2 posters is that it is stunningly friendlier to your budget compared to doing so via radio and the TV. And although marketing efforts are now done online, research proves that posters remain to be an effective physical advertising tool.

Fitting well on your window shop, this poster size is appropriate for promoting your new item or event. Although not that big, large text can be printed on an A2 poster to be attractive.

A2 posters, in particular, measure 420mm x 594mm.

4. A3 Posters (297mm x 420mm)

Does your company have a unique message to say? Deliver it in style through custom-designed A3 posters.

The brilliant details of your business will be highlighted by this display tool. Whatever your campaigns are, and if you have a plethora of them, you can carry them out and get impressive results via A3 posters.

If you are especially keen on personalising your campaign avenues, you're apt to get splendid results through A3 poster advertising.

A3 posters are used to hang on walls or bulletin boards. You can go by this way of advertising if you want to be unobstructive or in any way inoffensive.

Measuring 297mm x 420mm, A3 posters can be the right size for your business goals.

5. A4 Posters (210mm x 297mm)

Revitalise your business with waves of creativity by imparting your campaigns through A4 posters. You can use A4 poster print-outs to display your brand in shop windows or as mail-out campaigns. It matters that your posters are well-positioned in areas where there's bustle and high traffic of onlookers.

A space may be small and overlooked, but you can transform it into a visual extravaganza with colourful and creatively-designed A4 posters. The dimensions of this poster size are 210mm x 297mm.

Design Tips For Your Promotional Poster

It can be intimidating for some brand and company teams to design posters for their campaigns. There are certain elements that you need to apply in this aspect to create a successful poster design. Below are some tips:

1. Make it simple and readable

Your audience should be able to understand the text of your poster at a glance. Steer clear of placing too many details or images on it.

2. Use captivating imagery

Display an eye-catching image on your material, and make sure that it is relevant. Your goal is to grab the attention of your audience in a positive way and make your message memorable.

3. Be consistent in your use of typography

The font that you infuse on your poster design should be readable even at a distance. Print text in contrasting colours as well so that it becomes attractive.

4. Be creative- think outside the box

Be avant-garde in your poster design, especially in conveying your message. Your brand should be highlighted in a spectacular way so that it sticks to the memory of your audience.

5. Adhere to branding guidelines

When designing your campaign poster, adhere to the branding guidelines of your company or organisation. Your creation ought to be consistent with your business' other marketing tools.

Final Thoughts

Posters are an effective way of introducing experiential marketing to your target audience. That is, granting that you incorporate the most apt and influential graphic design.

Work with the best poster design and printing team so that you can achieve your sales and advertising goals in as convenient a way and quick a time as possible.

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