Social media is all the hype when it comes to advertising and marketing nowadays. It works in many ways, but there are simply hordes of brands and businesses that go by this path. Thus, it's easy to have your advertisement or marketing feature overlooked.

You have to be more resourceful in this endeavour, and a long-standing and effective method is to use tangible promotional products. Your brand has to stick to people's minds.

Think about an item that'll give your business a high recall value, like custom-printed tote bags. What's so amazing about custom tote bags is that they are very functional.

There are diverse ways to use them, and they are reusable. If you choose the right material, these tote bags can also be eco-friendly and convenient.

Research indicates that 73% of consumers utilise or own promotional tote bags. Throughout the lifetime of this populace, they have generated over 3,300 pieces of these items.

Considering this astounding data, how can you make custom canvas bags become effective brand ambassadors? How can you leverage these items to make your product or service sustainable? Below are practical ideas for doing this.

8 Practical Ideas To Turn Custom Tote Bags Into Effective Promotional Items

Sustainable custom tote bags

1. Implement a tote bag design that efficiently represents your brand

What kind of product or service do you want to convey to your target market? Send the right message out through your custom tote bag design.

Your design team should be well-knowledgeable and able to infuse your brand logo, suitable colours, and the appropriate elements into your promotional items.

Consumers should feel connected to your message and recognise your business upon seeing them. The key is to engage them to support and buy your product.

2. Make your custom-printed tote bags smart and attractive

Your promotional totes should be appealing. Their design should make people think, laugh or learn. Incorporate humour or funny quips into them.

Creative messages and stunning colours can work, too. You can even use it to encourage people to be more socially or environmentally aware. If your prospective customers are millennials, entice them with quirky totes that make them stand out.

3. Invest in durable and good-quality materials so that your custom tote bags will last long

Your custom canvas bags should last for a long time and be reusable. With consumers keeping them for a long time, their impact sticks to their memories, thus fostering brand loyalty. It ought to do the same to onlookers and people who surround them.

Folks constantly carrying your promotional tote bags around serve as walking billboards of your brand. They make your target audience aware of it. Especially if they are designed winsomely, they'll draw the right attention and bring in more buyers.

Look for a tote bag material that doesn't quickly wear out. It doesn't have to burn a hole in your budget, either. The ideal thickness for custom promo tote bags is 8 oz canvas cotton which is lightweight and medium durable. This material is affordable and easy on your budget.

If your resources permit, you can purchase premium totes that are made of 10 to 12 oz canvas cotton.

4. Market your promotional totes as collectables

As a unique and practical idea, create a line of limited edition custom-printed tote bags that can be collectable items. It will get your fans to be extra- excited and get engrossed in your brand more.

For instance, if you run a gaming company, release a limited edition tote bag series for your avid gamer fanatics. Do this before launching a new game.

If your business is apparel, use the same motifs and colours from your new collection to match. Your custom totes should fashionably accord with your products.

In the same way, you can launch limited edition collectable Halloween and Christmas custom canvas bags.

5. Highlight eco-friendly elements and messages in your custom totes

The majority of consumers think well of advertisers that promote eco-friendliness in their products. You can do the same to your custom canvas bags. This way, your target customers will have a favourable opinion of your business.

A material that is useful in this aspect is canvas cotton which is made of natural fibre material. Woven from cotton or linen, it is environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable.

While you are at it, include a note into your tote bag giveaways as to why you chose this eco-friendly product and encourage your recipients to support the cause.

6. Give out custom canvas bags as freebies on their own, as complimentary items for in-store purchases or sell them cheap in your establishment

Hand out as many promotional totes as you can. It'll optimise your brand exposure. As more people have access to them individually and in terms of message impact, the better it strengthens and grows your brand image.

Look for apt opportunities for giving them away filled with event-appropriate goodies, such as during fundraisers, marathons, yoga retreats, university open days, adventure camps, etc.

Are you opening a new store or releasing a new product line? Give out brand tote bags containing nice and nifty freebies to the first 100 customers.

7. Encourage influencers and your social media followers to popularise your brand

Advertise giving away free custom totes to your social media followers. Then encourage them to post themselves sporting their canvas bags online. Instruct them to tag your brand and use hashtags with their posts. Choose the best images to feature on your account.

Market your canvas bags through influencers who can pose with them and have their photos publicised to their followers.

8. Welcome new employees with custom canvas bags as kits

New employees in your company can act as brand ambassadors if you gift them with welcome totes. Load them with stuff that they'll find useful, such as notebooks, pens, papers and USB sticks.

Final Thoughts

Design and produce loveable promotional tote bags so that you'll gain your target market's favour, that in turn boost their exposure and loyalty to your brand.

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