We've all been there, in the queue for a club/bar and you see one of that fluorescent neon coloured paper wristbands catching your eye, they hold so much power in a queue and who would have thought they would be such a great marketing technique?! Apprintable has identified some marketing techniques to use wristbands for.

Secured using these paper adhesive wristbands, they make for such an interesting way to stay on someone's wrist, a lot better than a stamp which eventually fades away.

Now that you know where to find the best local printing firm for Wristbands, we will be looking at techniques that are especially great for the late-night industry but can also be used for festivals, charity events and more. So let's get into it!

Offers! Get them through the door

Over the years we have printed an ungodly amount of wristbands to promote drinks offers, these are a great and cost-effective way to promote a new drink or an offer to get people to a happy hour event.

The best part about these is that they really do organise crowds efficiently, a small glance at their wrist and the bar staff will know that they are part of the happy hour promotion. As opposed to people showing stamps on their hands or showing having involve in event ticket printing, it eradicates the need for a lot of shouting and commotion.

These are also effective for promotion, you're bound to put your company logo before the offer which gets people wondering where people are going, as paper wristbands are usually ripped off the next day (most of the time whilst in a hungover state!)

We understand there are industries where everything is so ad-hoc and we are pleased to announce that there are many offerings where paper wristbands next day delivery and even same-day wristbands options are possible!

Flyers. Stay with us here...

Okay so you're probably thinking we've gone a little bit cuckoo, but there is a method behind the madness, here's some behind the scenes information - each sheet of paper wristbands is made up of 5 wristbands, so how about getting creative with this and putting all info about your event on the width and height of 5 wristbands, and then use the last one as the wristband they need to tear off and wear for the night?

It means you do not need to buy flyers and wristbands but instead just keep it all on one, plus how many people have you seen giving away a whole sheet of wristbands as their flyer?! It's sure to get people stopping and enquiring for more information.

Although paper wristbands are usually black printed on whatever colour you require (a strong favourite is gold paper wristbands for those VIP events!), you can also get paper wristbands in full colour, this means a full print all over each of the 5 wristbands, pretty much just like a flyer except adding the multi-purpose element with the tear-off offer.

Wristbands printed like boarding pass with paper aeroplane and refreshers sweets on a black desk

V.I.P - Make them feel special

These have been touched on earlier, but to go into more depth in these, these are the ones that set people apart, VIP's usually pay more and they do for good measure - they want people to know they're special.

It's an ego thing, so in the late-night industry, this is something to play on and massage their egos from the second they step up to the venue (obviously not queuing up because they have opted for queue jump). Putting a gold/silver wristband with the venue name and a dominating and bold VIP next to it, makes them feel special.

Hire a designer for print to help you design your wristbands with a gold texture, which looks very classy and adds some depth to what would normally be quite a flat design.

Branding - Get them being social

Brand awareness is so important nowadays and at the smallest or biggest events, paper wristbands are a great way to get your brand out there, chuck a hashtag on the wristbands and get people to take selfies wearing them... and then once they've posted it online and they've tagged that hashtag, you've generated a buzz on social media, which is never a bad thing!

These are great for every single event, ranging from club nights to festivals to charities, to even exhibitions, - any publicity is great publicity so use paper wristbands to make your brand public to the world!

Charity - Give back

Paper wristbands are perfect for charities and to raise awareness, as much as brand awareness is important it's also so important to raise awareness for causes around the world, there are several colours that are associated with different charities and a plethora of colours options offered are perfect to match an event and get people associating their wristbands with specific charities at events, not even needing to look at the message on it!

These are great as not only a marketing tool but to raise money, get people to buy wristbands for an event to give entry and also get a whole room of people wearing the same colour, in unity. It's quite a beautiful moment.

Get people interacting with the wristbands by branding them with your logo and then leaving an empty space for people to write their own message for the cause at hand, these DIY paper wristbands are perfect to create that sense of ownership.

The origin of wristband marketing

I feel like this blog in regards to wristband marketing would not be complete without talking about the origin of wristband marketing, you're probably wondering why this had to be announced and I have to admit it is slightly different to a paper wristband, being instead of a silicone wristband - a world-renowned silicone wristband, the Livestrong wristband created by Lance Armstrong and Nike, supporting cancer patients through their Livestrong Foundation.

Livestrong foundation yellow silicone wristband

They used bright and dominating yellow wristbands quite simply finished with a beautiful 'Livestrong' debossed into it, these became a fashion statement as much as it was a cause awareness statement and changed the face of marketing forever. That 'forever' is a nod to the expectancy of these wristbands, for such a minimal price. Who would have thought a silicone wristband could have made such a difference to the world?

And that brings us to the end of this blog on paper wristband marketing, our team are always happy to help if you have some sort of idea that you'd like to bring to life - remember not every idea has to be expensive or complicated, even the most simple of ideas can make such a difference, as we have discussed within this blog.