If you want to truly stand out as the host of a party, and give your guests an activity that is really engaging and also one that creates long-lasting memories that they’ll talk about for a long time, we recommend a Fully Personalised Creative Selfie Frame.

Here’s a run-through of our creative photo frame printed ideas that we love and think will get you inspired on what possibilities are out there for your personalised selfie frame, you can copy these ideas or choose to personalise your custom selfie frame yourself, the options are endless.

Selfie Royale!

James Bond Selfie frame

If you’ve recently gone back to the cinema then you may have watched the latest James Bond movie No Time to Die. It’s a brilliant movie that holds a special place as it is Daniel Craig’s last time playing the iconic 007 spies. For many of us, Craig may have been the only Bond we’ve seen in our lifetimes and it may have given you the inspiration to host your own Bond-themed party or event. Guests all lined up in Tuxedo, the legendary Bond music playing in the background, it gives a mysterious image and one that could be perfect as a first party to hold after Covid.

To truly capture those memories a James Bond-themed selfie frame is the perfect accessory as it can be provided as part of a photo booth so all your guests can capture the moment in their Bond-themed attire. As shown in the image above, the Frame can be designed quite like looking down the barrel of a gun as we see so many times during the Bond intros. It’s an ingenious idea that will surely engage your guests at a party.

The Web Swinger’s Selfie Frame!

Spider man Selfie frame

Sticking on the same theme of movies, we introduce a Spider-Man-themed personalised photo frame. Perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year, the Spider-Man franchise has been revitalised by its inclusion into the Marvel multiverse and the (possible) additions of the previous Spider-Man actors into this new movie. If you’re hosting a fancy dress party or a birthday party for a child, a Spider-Man-themed selfie frame is the ideal acquisition. As a general idea, you can use the traditional red and blue colours of the Spider-Man suit for your frame, the design is completely up to you and you can customise the personalised Spider-Man selfie frame however you see fit.

A Custom Selfie Frame inspired by Classic Disney Movie

Encanto Selfie frame

The previous two mentioned Personalised large photo frames are of course inspired by recent movies. A Disney-themed custom selfie frame is a lovely accessory for a family gathering or occasion. Using classic Disney movies as inspiration for your custom-printed selfie frame is excellent because it will be loved by all ages and brings out a sense of nostalgia in older ages. The choice of what Disney movies is completely up to you as the Large photo frames are fully customisable.

In the social media era, where most things in daily life are posted online, a high-quality family image taken with a Large printed selfie frame at a party is an excellent introduction back to normal life after being socially distant for so long.