As we recently discussed, regardless if they are low-cost Business Cards or plastic business cards, Business Cards are still very relevant in the modern market.

There are many reasons why they still hold a lot of weight. First, they are a quick way to get your contact details to a client or prospect, with the rise of the digital age there is a false sense that business cards are no longer useful.

There can always be unexpected hiccups with digital communications and people may not be willing to share that information with you or just don’t have the chance to do so. Additionally, people are more likely to keep something that is tangible.

Purchasing business card printing in London can deceive people into believing that everyone has access to smartphones as well as a stable internet, even if they do have the access they may not be active users.

In terms of London, it is more likely that your customer will have access to a smartphone as well as the internet. A question to ask is, Do all your prospective clients live in the same world as you?

In some cultures, it can ruin an entire business relationship if you don’t follow a certain protocol. For example, in Hong Kong, if someone hands you a card and you don’t offer them one in return, it shows you aren’t interested in conducting business with them and in Japan, you are judged on quality.

You never know where you’ll find your next customer. It could be, on your way to work, on the bus, on a day off or on any sort of social function and there may not be a chance to exchange contact details again. Having a printed business card in your pocket means you will never miss an opportunity.

How to find value in your business cards?

Spot UV Business Cards

Stop handing out your cards as a formality, what gave you the impression that the recipient wanted your card? If you don’t handpick who you hand out your cards to, they will just start becoming clutter in their pockets and will just end up in the bin.

88% of business cards handed out are thrown away within a week of the recipient receiving them. Plastic Business cards give you a different look and feel and can be the extra finish that makes you memorable.

Make your employees feel important, it gives them a chance to easily connect with people whilst still putting your brand name out there.

Do Plastic Cards work?

Standard Plastic Business Cards

Before explaining why plastic cards are effective we must establish the general contribution they can make to your revenue. On average sales increase by about 2.5% for every 2000 cards handed out. Initially, the percentage may not impress you too much but look at the return of investment on this product and you should be very impressed!

These stats would be further increased if you were able to make the cards you pass out memorable. Creative cards are likely to get a better response, it’s the first tangible impression that represents your business. Not only do they leave a long-lasting impression but also they get shared more which means more and more people know about your business.

The quality of your card reflects the quality of your business.

A more sustainable alternative to plastic business cards would be, Business Cards on recycled paper as understandably paper business cards are a lot better for the environment.

You shouldn’t be in a position where you have to pick between style and being environmentally aware, you have more than enough options to do both!

The process of printing eco-friendly cards is a massive help to the environment. To produce a ton of recycled fibres you can save up to 17 trees and more than 10,000 kilowatts of electricity.

A purchasing suggestion is to be eco-friendly but keep the creative aspect with kraft paper business cards as rustic cards or uncoated business cards, with beautifully textured paper.

The concluding difference between plastic and paper cards

The biggest difference between paper and plastic business cards… is what you make of it. You need to choose the business card that matches your company's goals and brand image.

For example, if you are an ethical company it would make more sense to design your own environmentally safe business card. On the other hand, if you are looking to create unique business cards that will leave a long-lasting impression on a plastic business card