Improved Brand Awareness

Over 89% of marketers say that brand awareness is their top goal.


Fully customisable, Personalised Paper Cups showcase your brand’s signature design.


With over three sizes and a plethora of colours your brand will be eye-catching and resonate easily with your consumer base.


With a PLA material, Branded biodegradable cups are fully compostable and recyclable.

Branded paper cup with coffee being poured

How to get your paper cup Sample Pack

...It's as simple as brewing a cup of steamy tea!

  • Fill out the form
  • A specially-crafted sample pack is then delivered straight to your door
  • Review our hand-picked cup selection and play Apprinta-ball
  • Enjoy a divine brew or a perfectly roasted coffee provided in the pack
  • Witness the superb quality of our printed paper cups first hand - it's always coffee o'clock at Apprintable!

Did you know?

Within the first 5-7 minutes of consumption, a branded coffee cup can influence a consumer’s decision to take a picture and post of the printed cup and post it online. #CanYouHandleTheHeat

Brands that Count On our cups

paper cup sample pack
paper cup sample pack
paper cup sample pack
paper cup sample pack
Branded paper cup with coffee being poured
paper cup sample pack

We help you to make the best brew:

  • We deliver all paper cups throughout the UK free of charge
  • You already know about coffee, we know everything about paper cups. Our team is always readily available to help.
  • Free online cup design templates and free professional online design tool.
  • Touch base with our in-house graphics design expert and let’s create something worth holding on to! Provided with no ridiculous setup or artwork check fees.

Cup Sizes

Choose from a variety of sizes to cater to all your drink needs! Please do not hesitate to enquire If your desired size isn’t shown below.

 sample pack



 sample pack



sample pack



backlight glowing coffee sign

Cup Materials

The optimal film coating for a printed paper cup is PLA. This material provides a compostable paper cup, different from a standard disposable paper cup. This means that your Branded Paper Cups can be biodegradable and chemical-free.

 sample pack


 sample pack


Cup Accessories

Cup accessories that will go beautifully with your branded paper cup!

 sample pack


option available

 sample pack


350gsm cards, craft card and 100% recyclable

White paper cup
White paper cup

How to get your sample pack today

  1. 1. Fill out the form on this site
  2. 2. Receive sample pack
  3. 3. Review and enjoy a game of Apprintaball
  4. 4. Enjoy a fine brew provided with the pack
  5. 5. Order more cups!
Trees coming out of paper cups
paper cups uses for brand promotion

Use of Paper Cups for Brand Promotional Advertising

Transform paper coffee cups, a staple of everyday life, into a strategic marketing tool.

recycling bins

Recycle Now Week

Our eco-conscious narrative and sustainable initiatives in-line with Recycled Now Week.

promotional branding with paper cups

Why Double Wall Coffee Cups Can Help Promote Your Brand

Leave a long-lasting impact and ruffle some feathers with Double Wall Coffee Cups

Double Wall Paper Cup

Tips to Make your Cup Design Stand Out:

The design process should not be a strenuous task, so let’s start brewing and dive straight in with our top design tips!


From the plastic bag tax to the ban on plastic straws, businesses all over the UK are striving to make more eco-friendly choices. Avoiding single-use plastic is important for businesses looking to make a difference; and recycling plays a huge part in helping protect our planet.

Our branded biodegradable paper cups are completely recyclable and compostable - they biodegrade in just a couple of weeks. Even the custom lids on our biodegradable cups are recyclable; so rest assured, your business is playing its part to help save the world!

Our biodegradable paper cups are an eco-friendly alternative to the classic styrofoam takeaway cup. Not only are the biodegradable cups fully compostable and recyclable, but they can be custom-made by our excellent graphic designers to fit into your corporate needs!

>Even our printing techniques contribute to a holistic environmentally friendly printed products. We only print using vegetable oil-based inks that are stored in the largest drums available to minimise wastage. What’s more, as part of our environmentally friendly printing, we only work alongside businesses that are FSC certified and stock paper from sustainable forests in Europe.

All of our disposable paper cup products come with a minimum order quantity; but the maximum amount differs from product to product. Our double wall paper cups are available with a minimum of 500 and a maximum quantity of 50,000 units. We are double wall cup manufacturers that can help you serve delicious drinks in style!

Our printed coffee single wall cups are available with a minimum order of 1,000 - but you can still bulk buy ready for a large corporate event and order up to 50,000 units at once. If you require paper cup sleeves to compliment your single wall paper cups, place a minimum order of 1,000 and up to 50,000 so you can never run out of takeaway sleeves again!

When it comes to designing a paper cup, you must tie the product into your business aesthetic. After you have selected the ideal cup, you must consider the size - this can make all the difference in the design process. We offer an abundance of sizes to suit cafes and retail outlets including: 16oz large cups to 4oz paper espresso cups wholesale.

After choosing the right size, it is time to let your creative juices flow! All we ask is that you create a coffee cup takeaway design in Adobe Illustrator or PDF-compatible design studio. For a little added help, simply download our free online template below. It is important to remember when designing, you must keep your content and visuals constrained within the bleed lines, otherwise it will not get printed correctly.

We use recycled paper and plant-based materials when manufacturing our disposable paper cups. 100% food-safe, compostable, and entirely biodegradable, our disposable cups achieve the absolute highest standards and are designed to protect you and the environment!

For practical reasons - a wider top fits your mouth better and a small base is easy to hold. Check out our impressive paper cup catalogue and be the talk of the town with your new branded promotional paper cup; perfect for any occasion.

Single wall cups are best suited for icy-cold drinks; nothing beats a refreshing drink on the rocks! Often when basking in the sun and enjoying a cold beverage, condensation on the outside of the cup can ruin a drink. We have carefully designed a single wall coffee cup, built with an outer PE coating, that protects your cup from any condensation seeping in. In comparison, our disposable double wall cups are manufactured with an extra wall for thermal insulation. Ideal for those piping hot beverages, the double wall paper cups retain heat and add a protective layer, so users don’t need to worry about any scolding.