A3 Size: Make the Right Choice

Every individual or business owner uses standard paper size terms, but do you know precisely what they mean and each particular relevant dimension? A form of paper you would have encountered in the workplace, at education institutions, or perhaps in domestic spaces, A3 paper size measures in at 297 x 420 mm; a similar size to commercial tabloid newspapers (also see our A3 prints online). The A3 size in cm format offers a generous space to create jaw-dropping graphic designs and eye-catching visual print that will surely attract prospective customers.

A3 Dimensions: Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches

  • Paper format: A3
  • Dimensions in Millimeters: 297 x 420 mm
  • A3 Dimensions in cm (Centimeters): 29.7 x 42 cm
  • A3 Size in Inches: 11.7 x 16.5 in

A3 Paper Print Usages

The A3 paper feature is ideal for organisations that have a lot to say. The large surface area is perfect for conveying relevant company information, embroidering with bespoke visuals, or carving out crucial projects without being restricted in space.

An in-demand and cost-efficient paper size, A3 paper is most typically used to create a canvas, A3 poster, A3 flyer, and even a mathematical chart. A3 paper is multifunctional and used by a plethora of industries; a paper format most commonly used to render project activities and large scale presentations.

An additional advantage to A3 measurements is that this paper type is extremely lightweight. It can be hung on walls and bulletin boards or perhaps folded to formulate a flyer; this can then be handed out to passers-by or posted with a custom-made envelope as a mail-out campaign.

SRA3 vs A3 Paper Size

SRA3 Paper size against A3

SRA is an abbreviated term that stands for ‘Supplementary Raw Format A’; a slightly larger size than its corresponding ‘A’ paper. In regards to desktop printers, commercial print machines simply can’t print edge-to-edge, so the extra SRA3 size allows flexibility and a little movement to get around this issue.

For example, if we are printing a blank or transparent A3 flyer, the SRA3 method will print in the middle of a sheet with around 3mm of extra print around the edges referred to as the ‘bleed’. The outer unprinted area is then trimmed down leaving a finished and perfectly trimmed edge-to-edge A3 print. As a London print shop, we supply flat sheet printing in SRA3 format to other trade printers; as it is an economical and highly efficient solution that keeps production costs at a minimum!

With a 320 x 450 mm generous SRA3 size, there is plenty of room to get your creative wheels turning with this desirable in-demand print size. One SRA3 sheet can print:

  • 1 x A3
  • 2 x A4
  • 4 x A5

You have to also consider the different types of paper and its application, take a look at the variations of paper to find out more about different paper thickness

A3 Printing Resolution

A3 paper is part of the ISO 216 standard used across the globe. One of the most popular paper formats used internationally, A3 paper is supported by most, if not all, printers and computer software programs. The resolution needed to print A3 size images with the best quality is 297 x 420 at 300 PPI (pixels per inch).

Other Paper Sizes Available


What is the difference between SRA3 paper and A3 paper?

SRA3 printing involves using paper sizes measured in SRA rather than “A” sizing. SRA stands for “supplementary raw format A” and is of a slightly larger size. For example, the standard measurements for A3 paper are 297mm x 420mm, whereas SRA3 paper’s measurements are 320mm x 450mm.

SRA sizes are larger than “A” sizes because the measurement takes into account the white border on the edge of the paper, this added paper area gives you more room for error when cutting your unfinished sheets as it acts as a deterrent away from cutting into your final product.

Although the product you will receive is larger than its standard “A” size, please ensure your artwork stays within the maximum printable area.