What makes passers-by take a good look at your poster? Whether it is to make them aware of an event or new product or service of your business, you have to utilise posters that make an impact. It has to capture the imagination of your prospects and target audience.

A good poster design includes the use of effective imagery, vibrant colours and concise, snappy text. It can be straightforward or complex and you have to create it in a way that will entice your customers, make them stop to look, and ultimately buy.

When designing a poster, it should indicate the details about your event or product. It ought to emphasize its important aspects. Most of all, your advertising tool should be appealing to the public.

The following are valuable tips for designing posters for your business. This article will elucidate on a popular and particular type which are day glo posters.

What Are Day Glo Posters?

What Are Day Glo Posters

Day glo posters are also known as fluorescent posters. They are a main preference among businesses that want their poster advertising to be loud and exhilarating. Being bright and luminous, day glo posters are bound to attract attention. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to send your message across.

Fluorescent posters are ideal for outdoor display. They give a shot of excitement as promotional tools for an event or product. You can choose from a variety of colours such as fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green or fluorescent yellow as background to impart an unmissable message.

If you are at a loss about choosing between print marketing and bright electronic signs, you can opt for day glo printed posters. Through these avenues, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds. If conditions are dim or late in the evening, the fluorescent colours of these posters are highly visible.

Thus, whatever the time of the day is, your posters will be effective. The neon colours of these items have a luminous background, able to grab the attention of your target audience.

If you're looking for an effective marketing tool in a nightclub or a festival, your best bet is printed day glo posters.

Choosing The Colour Of Your Posters

When it comes to day glo posters, the aptest choice is to print your text and images digitally in black. With the neon colour background, the sharp contrast between these two creates fantastic results. This is why day glo or fluorescent posters stand out from the rest.

Consider that different colours invoke different emotions. If you choose orange or yellow, it brings out an exciting and vibrant feel. Whereas if you select monochrome shades, they imply simplicity and calmness.

How do you want your audience to feel when looking at your poster? What mood do you want to invoke? You can choose the best colours for your posters with this.

Then again, don't forget the pieces of information that you will display, too. They should be readable and highlighted amid an eye-catching background.

Especially if you're launching a new product or advertising an upcoming event, fluorescent or brighter colours are bound to attract attention.

The Size and Shape Of Your Poster

These factors accord with the type of product, service, or event that you are promoting. If you're informing people about a one-off gig or event, go for portrait posters. They tend to be text-heavy making them suitable for these affairs. However, if you prefer photograph-based designs, you can opt for landscape posters.

Where will you be hanging your poster? This determines its ideal size, too. If you're displaying it on your shop window, choose a smaller and portrait-sized poster.

Paper Options For Your Poster

A day glo poster paper works best in employing a fluorescent effect to your layout. They're suitable for placement inside a bar or restaurant, or on the streets.

There is an accordant poster paper type for whatever a business is promoting. This is when you have to note that the paper type of your poster should match your subject instead of your budget. If your event or products are prestigious, they ought to be premiumly advertised on a glossy finish poster. A pulp paper, on the other hand, exudes a raw effect, that's why it is ideal for promoting an underground or independent event.

Picking and Placing The Right Font

The fundamental factor to ascertain when choosing the best font for your poster is readability. In that, it should be readable from a distance. Your marketing tool should draw the attention of onlookers and prospective buyers, and a good font choice is a bold and large size. Be sure that all the important details of your event and product are indicated and printed uncluttered. See to it that your poster contains a headline that commands attention.

Play around with your font option for starters. Eventually, you'll find what fits. Different font styles can be mixed, although they belong to the same family. This design will keep your target audience lingering as they search for information about your advertisement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Day Glo Posters?

With a day glo poster, your advertisement enjoys the best of both worlds in terms of print marketing and bright electronic signs. Printed on a luminous day glo paper, you convey your message effectively. Whether in the day time or dimmer conditions, day glo posters are visible.

What are the best printed posters?

Printed Dayglo Posters are among the incredibly versatile and are perfect advertising tools for use in a festival or a nightclub. It's because they are attractive and conspicuous.

What are the different types of printing services you offer?

At Apprintable, we offer day glo poster printing where you can choose from A3 and A4 sizes. Our team of proficient graphic designers and printers will work with you to determine the right size and colour for your poster paper and the proper text content and placement. Contact us for state-of-the-art, fast and efficient day glo poster printing.

What colours are available for printed DayGlo Posters?

You can choose from fluorescent pink, orange, green and yellow as colours for your Printed DayGlo Posters.