The season is fresh for trade exhibitions, and you have to take the best creative direction for your stand. What theme is most apt to showcase your brand- that which is truly inviting to people? You'd want to gain as many patrons and customers for your business.

This article will guide you about exhibition stand trends for 2022 that are guaranteed to captivate your audience.

10 Best Exhibition Stand Designs For 2022

Best Exhibition Stand Trends for 2022

Responsible and Environmentally- Friendly

Climate change and global warming are predominant issues of the day, and you can bolster its campaign by setting up an environmentally-responsible stand.

To design this, build a structure that is comprised of reusable aluminium along with accents and highlights of recyclable materials. This stand design has a minimal impact because of its eco-friendliness.

A modular structure can be utilised for this project that can be displayed in multiple shows. Most of all, you can make sure that you produce the least waste.

Face-To-Face Socialisation

Normality seems to have returned, and people are getting back into their offices. They are now able to interact with clients and co-workers for real and not just online.

Personal socialisation has recurred, and exhibitions are an excellent avenue for this. It's time for you and your team to display your product through these events.

An appropriate stand that encourages real-life socialisation has ample space to accommodate a good number of visitors. Colleagues can also linger in it to mingle.

How about a stand that transforms into a party place when the evening comes? It's a perfect happening to launch or refresh your product.

Physical and Digital Interaction

Hybrid interactions are the big stuff when it comes to exhibitions. You can equip your stand with photo booths where pictures can be printed and uploaded to various social media channels. The latter is carried out on a physical counter where a link to your website is accessible.

Being experiential and engaging, your guests will find your stand quite memorable. Of course, you'll have to provide a portal that points back to your brand when the show concludes.

Natural Structure and Materials

Stone and wood, among other natural materials, can be used to deck your stand. The trend of the new decade is connecting back to the environment. Stands made of natural components look unique and are typically recyclable.

Other aspects that you can incorporate into your space are fresh flowers and living panels. Being attractive and sweet-smelling, visitors will be interested in your stand.

All-Inclusive and Easily Accessible

Your space ought to be accessible, including to people with disabilities. Try infusing a sturdy double aluminium ramp for wheelchairs to pass through.

Working with the right team and provider, you can guarantee that the build of your stand meets quality control. This means there should be no trip hazards or sharp edges. If you include screens, position them at the best height for comfortable viewing.

QR Readers and Digital Freebies

It used to be that visitors go home with a handful of leaflets and flyers after joining an exhibit. Times have changed because every phone nowadays has QR readers.

Using this feature, you can propagate your brand by distributing digital brochures. Even business cards can be QR-accessed.

These can give your guests a physical reminder of your company long after the exhibition is finished. These avenues likewise reduce your environmental impact.

Going Minimalist

Just get on with your direct message by decorating your space with single-coloured but vibrant graphics. Do away with unnecessary details, so to speak, and strip off the non-essentials.

Stand trends in 2022 have eliminated fussy texts and displayed one logo and salient USPs. Tag lines? They've become unbelievably concise.

As a result, visitors are inclined to focus on your brand or product alone and, at the same time, cultivate warm and personal interactions.

Fostering The Gist Of Your Brand

Your product can be reflected in an exhibit where the company's essence and branding are condensed into its stand. Then can you promote what it stands for. If your business is technology-based, you can emphasise its human aspects.

Interactive Games and Screens

Brands are eager to promote their perks and offerings digitally. Video content may be attractive, but you can go up a notch by using interactive screens.

It's an added buzz wherein you can incorporate games and the digital dissemination of data and product catalogues. It's also an effective way of capturing your visitors' basic information.

Perhaps you can integrate an iPad device on a podium or have a large touchscreen mounted onto a wall. These are a promising way of drawing customers.

High-Level Rigged Branding Boxes

How can you miss being noticed with your brand name displayed on a high-level rigged box? Amid a busy exhibition hall, your business is sure to stand out. Heads are apt to turn on the ceiling where your product is showcased with vibrant colours.

Final Thoughts

These are the most effective and attention-grabbing exhibition stand trends in 2022. As key takeaways, remember that:

  • Your stand should be able to have an environmental impact. A space that is embellished with recyclable materials can be influential, particularly when designed with a reusable and modular structure. As an infusion, you can give your marketing materials away digitally.
  • Hybrid and experiential interactions are a must. For optimal effect, combine digital and physical aspects of communication.
  • Your space should be fun, creative, and accessible to various exhibit guests.

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