Come the time when the exhibition hall doors open; your stand should give out the "wow factor”. Your target audience ought to be captivated by the right message it exudes. By all means, let your exhibition stand and communicate effectively to the best prospective clients and customers.

So what makes a branded exhibition stand distinct from the rest? What will make your space draw attention that will ultimately entice people to buy? Below are 10 tips that'll help you create an exemplary exhibition stand.

10 Tips For A Captivating and Crowd-Drawing Exhibition Stand

What Makes A Good Exhibition Stand

Set and keep your goals in mind when designing your space

Before anything else, when you plan for the design of your stand, see to it that you set and clarify your goals. What exactly do you want to achieve, and what message do you want to convey?

Your stand should be good-looking, but it must get your company's values across efficiently. Does it effectively describe the capabilities of your product or services? You need something to guide you along the way when designing your exhibition stand; basically, these are your goals.

Optimise your available space.

For the most part, booth sizes in exhibitions are restrictive; that's why you have to maximise the space that's been allocated to you. Initially confirm with the organisers as to what the exact dimensions of your stand are so that you'll know what you need to make do with.

Your display area should flow accordingly, and there should be no obstructions. The entrance, mainly, should be free from barriers. As for the meeting areas, they are to be situated at the back of your space.

Incorporate high signage to attract attention.

Does the exhibition hall have a high floor-to-ceiling space? Granting that you have consulted the organisers, you can design your stand to have maximum visibility by placing towering attractions, such as a rotating display, or high, suspended signage and props over it.

So that your brand can capture the guests' attention the moment they enter the hall.

Use concise text for your tagline/slogan.

Being text-heavy in your brand catchphrases isn't likely to work. Instead of displaying long sentences that your visitors would not bother to read, display clear and concise taglines printed in big fonts. It makes sense that they can be read at a distance.

If possible, place your catchy content above your stand. A lengthy copy such as a text-heavy list of your product information isn't apt to work because it would be inconvenient for the attendees to read, and they would just forget about it when they get home.

Short, sweet and attention-grabbing taglines comprised of action words are bound to be effective. Impart your message directly and straight to the point.

Enhance aesthetic appeal by utilising proper lighting.

If you're showcasing a new or tech product, you can, for instance, add recessed lighting in your space, thereby giving it a modern look. You'll want to create the right mood and ambience in your stand to make your customers feel good.

Infuse coloured lighting if you want your booth to be conspicuous. Otherwise, extra lighting aside from that provided by the venue can work, like spotlights and uplights.

Angled lights strategically placed on your stand entrance can subconsciously draw visitors in.

Communicate your message through graphics.

As Microsoft says, "People now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish". You can work around this idea by imparting your brand's message through images and graphics.

Steer clear of overwhelming or repelling your guests by presenting heaps of texts. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you have a complex message to relay, do so through those avenues- pictures, graphics and images.

See to it that they are visible from afar in the same way. Life-size images are compelling.

Use different materials in your design.

Entice your target market to visit your stand by structuring it with unique and suitable materials.

Your brand image should be reinforced through it. Is your product in the tech industry? Designing details to give your stand a contemporary ambience can do the job. Chrome aspects and aluminium panels can be captivating.

On the other hand, smooth, plastic mouldings could be influential in arranging a stand to promote a pharmaceutical or medical brand.

Integrate technology to engage your guests.

Product demos, for one thing, can be crowd-drawing, especially when done using technology. If you run an automation firm, showcasing a robotic bartender that serves refreshments to your visitors can be astounding.

Then again, if your brand is rather bulky, you can exhibit it through VR or virtual reality. Guests will relish a fresh, new experience through touchscreens and interactive walls as main attractions.

Your brand's story can be navigated and accessed via multimedia content that attendees can manipulate by way of playing videos, revolving images and connecting to links and texts.

Technological means of engaging your customers make them participants instead of just mere spectators.

Stimulate the senses of the attendees.

You do this by creating an atmosphere. Arrange colour, light, texture and layout accordingly. Even scent can be captivating. Consider that your goal is to attract attention; this method can make your space stand out.

Focus on the wants and needs of your target audience.

What are the preferences of your intended customers? Take into account what their wants and needs are. Primarily know "who" they are so that you can tell them the right message.

With your purpose to sell, you have to attract the best prospects, not the wrong audience. Therefore consider your audience and factor in their desires when designing your exhibition stand.

Final Thoughts

With these tips and tricks mulled over and applied, you can structure and design the most stunning and appropriate exhibition stand that'll keep you on track for a successful trade show.

Despite area limitations, your booth space can exude a "wow factor" that'll make it recognisable and impressive.

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