Posters are an effective way of advertising a product, service or event. However, there are many considerations for using them. You have to choose the aptest design for it, along with the best size.

What if you have a clothing store? What size of a poster should you utilise to maximise your advertising efforts? Below is a guide about the different standard poster sizes and what is suitable for your business.

Advertising Poster For Your Clothing Store

What Is The Standard Size Of A Poster?

As a standard size, a poster measures 24" x 36". It mainly means that it is 24" in width and 36" in height. These materials tend to be displayed with their width as the first measurement, and the height as the second.

If you have a clothing store, a poster of standard size can be effective as an advertising and marketing tool. It is handy for promoting products in general, as well as an event or news announcement. It is also an ideal size for wall decoration posters.

You have various options for poster sizes aside from the standard size. You can select what works along with your tastes, needs and preferences. In this case, you have to know about the 4 common poster sizes.

What Are The Four Most Common Sizes Of Posters?

Large: 24" by 36"

The large size is the standard size for a poster, and it is also called the Super A1 size. Being standard and well-known, the A1 standard poster size is used for the largest variety of purposes. It is a favourite among businesses and consumers.

Predominantly, businesses use Super A1 posters for advertising their products and as office decor. It is ideal for presenting menus in cafes and restaurants and sales promotions of certain establishments. The same goes for open and close notices and coming soon announcements.

Often, you will find large-sized posters displayed on the outdoor premises of businesses. Then again, they are likewise effective when placed indoors in retail stores and offices.

Consumers typically buy or create custom large-sized posters that feature their best-loved photographs, movies, celebrities and video games, among others.

As for the text content, place a large message at the centre and provide additional details in the remaining spaces. You must be able to give complete information to the viewer. Choose lively colours, stylish graphics and a witty, catchy copy to make your signage interesting.

Medium: 18" by 24"

Although not as large as the Super A1 poster, medium size signage works as well in conveying your message. It is suitable for use in a variety of advertising and display purposes. As a common function, medium-sized posters draw in customers for a sales promotion. They tend to be placed in storefront windows to entice people to avail of great-value purchases.

If there are sporting events, concerts or festivals, these types of posters are great for spreading information. Do you have a cafe, eatery, refreshment, or restaurant business? You can utilise medium-sized signage to display your menu of products or services.

An ample amount of information can be indicated on this poster, but see to it that its texts and fonts are readable.

Small: 11" by 17"

A small-sized poster is also called a Tabloid, Ledger, or ANSI B poster. Being a bit larger than the letter signage, tabloid posters can aptly work as flyers that you can display on street lights. They're better off posting on limited spaces that are nevertheless visible.

Other than for product advertisements, ledger posters are commonly used for safety notices, school or office circulars, and infographics, among others.

Because of its size, it's best to employ a minimalistic design on a small poster. Its message should be simple while printed in big letters. This way, your message can be relayed effectively.

Letter: 8.5" by 11"

This standard poster size is the smallest, with dimensions that are the same as A4 paper, a kind of printer paper. Other than being ideal for handouts, letter posters can be pinned on bulletin boards in the office, school, or home. Some of its main purposes are to give an announcement, provide schedules, disseminate company policies or convey information.

It is upon your discretion what type of text you print on a letter poster, but see to it that its graphics and fonts are not too small. To be safe, stick with relaying your information with a simple and concise message.

Final Thoughts

With the above information about standard poster sizes, you should know the aptest material for advertising and marketing your products, whether they be clothing, food, events, movies, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

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