Tyvek Custom Wristbands are imperative to event management and organisation, but what events exactly need personalised paper wristbands? This past holiday season we’ve been out and about quite a lot going to many different types of events all over London. What’s great about living and working in London is that this really is a 24-hour city with such a diverse range of things to do. Having said that, I’ve noticed wristbands being used everywhere! We’ve noticed them at bars and clubs, charity events, concerts and even at city Christmas party events.

So what other types of events use paper wristbands? Here’s a rundown of what we’ve found they have been used for in the past. We have even designed some of our own wristbands for each type of event.


By far, our main customers who use paper wristbands are nightclubs. They are used for a variety of reasons but the biggest would be for access to VIP areas. With a selection of full-colour custom wristbands, we find nightclubs take the brighter colours or gold or silver wristbands in order to spot them easily in dimly lit venues. They are also often used for queue jumping passes where customers get a wristband from a promoter and use it to skip long queues. As wristbands are so easy to put on, promoters like to use them to ensure they can speak to as many people as possible.


We’ve found that bars, similar to nightclubs, like to use paper wristbands to manage entry to their venues. They would also use them to manage large party events, often when there is more than one large booking at a time in order to manage bar spending better.

Bars tend to go for darker colours for their wristbands that may look more premium and go with the general aesthetic of the venue or of the room in the venue they are providing access to. However, they have been known to use the brighter colours we have available and the gold and silver paper wristbands

Festivals Wristbands

Festivals generally use fabric wristbands for a more secure way of managing entry and access throughout a festival site. However, we’ve worked with many festivals that also take paper wristbands with their fabric ones. They generally use these for staff access to various parts of the site, particularly when a site is being constructed. Health and Safety regulations often require a festival to carry out what is known as accreditation in order to make sure that anyone that is working on a site like this is fully trained and aware of risks. I have personally been to many festival sites where I was required to wear a hi-visibility vest as well as festival wristbands to help identify where I am supposed to go and where I need access.

We have also had festivals that use paper wristbands for VIP table bookings as well as artist entry. This type of product is perfect for festivals as it allows event organisers and security teams to identify who is who very quickly in a big crowded space. Order for your high-quality festival wristbands with us today!

Charity Events

Charities hold events all year round to raise money or awareness for their various causes. Having a wristband for every guest can often be a way to get key information across to event visitors.

They can also use Tyvek wristbands to help identify certain people such as event staff and party event organisers to provide access throughout a venue.

Charities love using paper wristbands for their events because of their low cost. A cost-effective way of managing entry and access throughout a venue means more of the event’s profits go to the cause they are serving.


These days, concerts will usually have a bar available to purchase alcohol and other beverages. When you’re running a concert with 10,000 people crammed into a venue, the last thing you want is for long queues at the bar to build up to a point where nobody wants to spend any money. Delays like this are often caused because the bar staff will need to see photo identification for each person buying a drink which increases the overall time it takes to serve someone.

A simple solution around this is to give everyone who is of legal drinking age one colour of a wristband that quickly identifies them and give everyone else a different coloured wristband. As long as the colours contrast enough (e.g. orange and purple), it’s quick to identify who can buy alcohol and who can not. This way the ID stage is done on entry to the venue and reduces the overall time it takes to serve at the bar.

Concert organisers can also use this product to help identify who is allowed backstage and who is not with, for example, a gold wristband that has AAA (access all areas) printed on it.

Kids Birthdays

Kids' birthdays almost always have a theme to make the party more exciting. Now there is a low-cost way to reinforce that theme with cost-effective printed colour paper wristbands! As the UK’s fastest and best-priced event wristband manufacturer, with our in-house design team, you can create your wristband to match your theme perfectly and give a fully rounded experience for your party-goers.

Wristbands at School events

Schools that hold Christmas and Summer fairs need wristbands to help control entry to the fair. Wristbands can also be used for school plays to control entry to the show.

Overall, we find that event paper wristbands such as black custom-printed wristbands are mostly used to control entry to venues and parties but can also be used to promote a brand by putting a logo on the wrist of every customer at an event. They are very cost-effective and allow for a wide range of options including black print on standard Tyvek wristbands (we stock a range of 11 colours!) as well as full-colour wristbands.

And now, because of our full-colour wristband option, we can also offer black wristbands with any kind of print on for the first time, a first in the industry!