The versatility of custom coffee cups is endless, but where is the best to use coffee cups on recycled paper?

We consider ourselves experts in brand advertising. We believe that our paper cups are the perfect solution for your advertising needs. With an incredible creative team helping you every step of the way, we can print your logo, personalised message or slogan directly onto our paper cups, creating an entertaining and utilitarian product that is sure to make heads turn! Our commitment to the environment reaches far and wide, so we are extremely excited to launch our environmentally friendly paper cups; an eco-friendly alternative with one goal in mind - to raise awareness for your brand.

See below the top three marketing strategies for your biodegradable paper cups:

Using Paper Cups in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Students live bustling lives and are always on the go. Whether meeting a strict deadline or a morning pick-me-up, students are always on the lookout for a delicious coffee fix. That is where Apprintable’s Eco-friendly ice cream cups step in; a creative and clever product which targets students in search of a barista or a quick coffee stop at the canteen, cafe or restaurant. Personalised coffee cups help you leave an imprint, making that delicious coffee a little bit more memorable. By transforming the regular coffee cup, a product that is a staple of our everyday lives, into a clever marketing tool, you can generate awareness, interest and attention towards your brand.

Using Paper Cups in Corporate Offices

Apprintable is here to brighten up your office workspace with our biodegradable paper cups! In many ways, coffee cups are part of the furniture in the office; they are synonymous with a corporate setting. Compostable hot cups are a fantastic opportunity to make your brand stand out by having a personalised edge, which in turn, connects your business to your customers. We also have double-wall cups available for that extra layer of insulation, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your co-workers.

Using Paper Cups during a Flight

When jet setting across the globe, disposable cofee cup holders are the best way to showcase your business - a walking advert which has the ability to attract a vast array of people from different continents and walks of life. On a flight, paper cup branding has the capacity to interact with over thirteen million people a year. This staggering figure points toward the monumental impact that paper cups have; a powerful marketing strategy to help raise awareness for your brand!