The Importance of business cards

As the digital world explodes, new innovations are created every day allowing marketing to become more and more focused on the internet and online advertisement.

Red Catering Business Cards

We’re seeing businesses every day utilising new marketing tools to improve their engagement and online presence. However, one marketing device that has stood the test of time and has remained invaluable to companies worldwide are cheap personalised business cards.

A business card is a highly professional instrument that can help improve your brand awareness and leave a lasting impression in a client’s eye. Some may argue that providing business cards is archaic and old-fashioned, but research shows that they can be hugely effective and these influential pocket rockets can help improve your total sales by at least 2.5% when used correctly.

Modern Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Beverage Drinks Flyers and business cards

When looking to expand a brand, there is a multitude of techniques. If you prefer traditional marketing devices you are not alone, everyday businesses find great success from Same Day leaflets and Custom A2 posters and they are an excellent way to interact with consumers. On the other hand, you may be more tech-savvy and adore the new technology and advanced methods of building online brand awareness through social media.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on, what if we could provide you with a method that helps grow your brand with a traditional feel that also incorporates modern-day technology? Enter QR Code Business Cards.

What is a QR Code?

Invented as far back as 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave, A QR Code is a type of barcode that acts as a digital collection of information for its attachment.

QR Codes became a staple of life in China and Japan and after conquering the Far East, have made their way over to the British shores to have a similar effect. Today, it’s estimated that 4% of all global transactions are conducted via QR Codes.

Scanning a QR code With mobile

How are QR Codes related to Business Cards?

Now you may be asking, well what does that have to do with Business Cards? Remember when we discussed QR Codes as a collection of information? This accommodates perfectly for business cards because the one aspect that these small but durable cards lack is space for information.

Business Cards relation to QR codes

Let’s say you meet a potential client and provide them with your business card, it contains your brand name, address, and contact number. What if they need further details, such as your pricing list? Having a QR Code included on your business card means that your potential customers or client can hold out their phones, scan the card, and be provided with a host of relevant content on your brand that simply could not fit onto the smaller dimensions of the business card.

Covid-19 and the effect on business cards

As we move closer to 2022, A post-pandemic world looks like a touchless world, where more people are conscious about the harmful bacteria that they are exposed to every day.

QR code Business cards provide the perfect solution in this context as people no longer need to physically touch your business card to receive your brand information. Now, simply scan the QR code on the business card from your phone and get the information straight to your device.

The advantage of this is that you reduce your wastage of business cards and help lessen the spread of harmful germs, a win-win for everyone except the bacteria!

QR Code on Business Card


At Apprintable, you can design and order business cards online with different paperweights and shapes for you to choose, all ready for personalisation so that your vision can come to fruition on a stylish but affordable business card with a QR code jam-packed with the relevant information that you specify.

It really is the best way to spread your brand, where modern-day technology meets traditional marketing.