The importance of Tyvek Wristbands is something we earlier discussed and goes a long way to making an event more organised. Got an exciting event planned? Try our personalised paper wristbands - a vibrant and durable product that helps you stay organised and keep track of admissions. From weddings, and panel discussions to seasonal or corporate events, same day paper wristbands in London are a quintessential feature for any event! Fully customisable, our fabulous paper wristbands are a reliable and resilient product - so let us help you kick start the celebrations.

Guest manage your event

Events are a fun and creative way to network, convey important information about your business and strengthen your brand identity. However, event planning can often be a strenuous task with many unforeseen circumstances. So let's help you plan the next big event with our full-colour paper wristbands! With a broad scale of colours, sizes and printing options available, you can fully personalise and create an eye-catching product that is synonymous with your brand identity.

Using high-quality black ink, we can print anything you request to meet your specific needs; from a logo, slogan, personalised message or barcode so you can keep track of your guests wherever they go.

Reliability and resilience

Perfect for any event, the high quality printed Wristbands are incredibly hard-wearing products that are much more cost-effective and beneficial than stamps - which often smudge and leave a messy, inky residue on your hands. They are a popular alternative; a comfortable, colourful and durable product that can brighten up any event.

Wristbands are a clever marketing tool

Full Black Paper Wristbands provide a professional bespoke design that is sure to leave its mark after any event.

Are we constrained solely to event spaces? What’s excellent about paper wristbands is that they can be worn anywhere and at any time. Post a successful event, your clients or customers may want to hold onto their memorabilia and wear them as a memento.

Hence, customisation with your brand identity becomes a walking advert - exposing your brand to a large and varied public audience. Paper wristbands are therefore a clever marketing tool that is sure to strengthen and raise awareness for your brand.