Wrapping Christmas presents is a dreaded task in many households; preparing for the festive season is long enough without setting by hours to meticulously wrap a gift that is most likely going to be ripped to shreds upon received in under 30 seconds. Did you know that it is estimated that Brits spent 31 million hours each year wrapping for the festive season - a suspected 5 hours for each of us! We all have our own unique wrapping style, whether that's no style at all or spending forever making sure each corner is a perfect right angle. What kind of wrapper are you? We have compiled a list of Christmas wrapping paper fails that fall under the following categories:

  1. The ‘It’s the thought that counts’ Wrapper
  2. The ‘Unlucky’ Wrapper
  3. The ‘Eco-Friendly’ Wrapper
  4. The ‘You will have to work for it’ Wrapper

The ‘It’s the thought that counts’ Wrapper

It's 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve, you have spent the evening preemptively eating all the Christmas goodies and binge-watching Home Alone. The scene plays in Home Alone 2 where Kevin and his family are unwrapping the mountain of gifts under the tree. Suddenly it dawns on you that you have not even begun to wrap your Christmas presents yet. There are different kinds of wrappers in the world, and if you empathise with that situation then you are most likely this kind of wrapper.

Take a look at this present, A for effort. But we have all been there, we get to that last present and find that we do not have enough gift paper to finish the job. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have and remember that it is the thought that counts and that's exactly what they did. I mean, look at the ingenuity of continuing the pattern.

Wrapping fail with overuse of sellotape

Here is another platinum-level member of the ‘It's the thought that counts’ club. Wrapping paper is going to end up in a scrunched up pile on the floor anyway so why not start as you mean to go on? It looks like it has been through hell and back but what is the difference when all you really care about is the content.

The ‘Unlucky’ Wrapper

Next up we have the unlucky wrapper, these Christmas fails just contain a minor oversight. When you are using print wrapping paper or photo wrapping paper, it is important to remember that placement is key as these next wrappers show us. So when you are designing and putting in your orders with us to get your custom wrapping paper, make sure you take this into consideration.

Wrapping paper placement fail with crude saying

This let it snow wrapping paper fail is self-explanatory. Make sure you save yourself the embarrassment on Christmas day and check the placement of any wrapping paper with words on it.

Wrapping paper fail on a red canvas with green and white text

At least this person has some company with this kind of failure. See if you can catch what went wrong with this one. Our tip would be to make sure that if you are getting printable wrapping paper, you proofread your presents!

The ‘Eco-Friendly’ Wrapper

Now, every year in the UK we go through so much wrapping paper that it is understood that you might want reusable wrapping paper. You could buy recycled wrapping paper or even be zero waste and use some newspapers that you have lying around the house. Those are well thought out and aesthetically pleasing ways to have eco-friendly wrapping paper. The present next on this list might be reusing materials, but it definitely seems out of convenience rather than a conscientious spirit.

hobo santa gift

Everyone has a bag full of plastic bags under their sink and this person just came up with the easiest way to pass the responsibility on it to another person. Maybe looks-wise this plastic bag is a 0/10 form of wrapping paper but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in practicality - well not really.

The ‘You will have to work for it’ Wrapper

Have you ever been given a present that has been taped so tightly on the corners that it takes a good 5 minutes to open? It honestly can be the most frustrating thing but is highly entertaining to everyone else in the room. Technically this next one is only seen as a failure to the present receiver, but they were just too good that we could not miss them off our list.

I am not sure what gift would be worth going through this hell for. Whoever wrapped this is an evil genius and is definitely someone that you should never cross. This Christmas present could last you from Christmas till your next birthday as that is probably how long it will take to unwrap it.

There you have it, our different kinds of wrapping paper fail. There are so many ways that you can make your wrapping paper stand out for the right reasons, from our online printing services you can take a look at our custom printed wrapping paper. That way you will have people talking about your custom Christmas wrapping paper and it will not be because it could make it onto a list like this!