What is a DL Size?

DL is an abbreviated term that pertains to ‘dimension lengthwise’ and measures precisely at 99mm x 210mm. Exactly one-third of A4, the same length as A5, but a shorter width than A6, DL is small but certainly packs a punch. A standard size, DL is extremely popular for creating a personal invitation, trifold brochure or leaflet, and even inserting it into an envelope.

DL Dimensions in Millimetres, Centimetres, and Inches

  • Paper format: DL
  • Dimensions in Millimetres: 99 x 210 mm
  • Dimensions in Centimetres: 9.9 x 21 cm
  • Dimensions in Inches: 3.9 x 8.3
DL Paper Size

DL Paper Print Usages

DL paper is mighty enough to be noticed and small enough to be carried and distributed in high-traffic areas. The compact surface area is ideal for businesses looking to embroider with strong graphics and convey information in bite size chunks.

What’s more, the DL paper size certainly commands attention. An impressive surface area; promote the latest sales, top-grossing products, and a plethora of services all in one convenient place. Enhance your marketing strategy and brand visibility, and bolster sales with DL paper.

DL compliment slips

From a restaurant menu, and seasonal postcards, to compliment slips, DL is an extremely versatile paper format that can fulfil an abundance of different usages. Easily inserted into DL Printed envelopes, the DL paper size can be conveniently folded and used as a highly effective direct mail campaign!

DL printed envelops

DL Size Leaflets

The DL paper type is perfect for stylish and compelling leaflets. Whilst opting for a large paper size may seem like the preferred choice, sometimes less is more - smaller sizes can leave a huge impact. The tall and slim DL size gives this paper type a superior advantage to the standard A5 leaflets - perfect for nailing that first impression and securing a loyal customer base.

printed folded leaflet into DL size

DL Size Brochures

Similarly to leaflets, the DL compact size works incredibly well with hand-crafted brochures. With a variety of bespoke folds at your fingertips, such as the tri-fold, z-fold, and half-fold, create an immersive experience and deliver your unique message in style with a DL brochure.

DL Size Flyers

DL printed flyer on car window

Give your flyer a sophisticated makeover by opting for a DL size! Tall, slim, and perfect for flyers, the eye-catching and tangible format is a true spectacle and worth holding on to. A vehicle for advertising and promotional endeavours, embellish your DL flyer with concise information and attractive visuals to go the extra mile.

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