The tried and true ubiquitous accessory for anyone looking to get their business out there, the classic matt laminated business card and networking lunches are a pair that stands the test of time. Even in the new age of social media handles and Facebook ads, business cards are still an essential print for any brand that wants their name known; so basically for any brand at the end of the day!

Just like diamonds, a classic card is forever (although they are a lot cheaper) but in ever-changing times it’s important to stay versatile. Luckily for you, while they’re definitely old and reliable, cards are a pretty flexible product! And since the magic of the internet lets you design your own business cards, the sky’s the limit for businesses with a little imagination and a lot to show off. But, if you need a little print inspiration to get the ball rolling, here are just a few ideas to get you on the road to a one-of-a-kind product.

Turn your Business Cards into Luxury Visiting Cards

While premium visiting cards might seem like the stuff of a Georgian gentleman straight out of a Jane Austen novel, they’re still going strong as a wonderfully genteel way to stand out and make sure you won’t be forgotten.

The OG precursor to the more modern business card, visiting cards were originally used socially by members of high society in Europe, including high rollers like the King of Prussia, as a way of letting their mates who weren’t at home know they stopped by or to let people know that they had an open invitation to visit at their house. The days before WhatsApp was pretty complicated I guess.

While the magic of social media might make it easier to check if your friends are home, or to slide in the DMs; calling cards are making a comeback on the business scene. The same size as your standard business card and easy to print, visiting cards are bringing old-school etiquette back to business without going to all the effort it took way back in the day.

Cheap business cards give you all the classes of a visiting card without stretching your budget! All you have to do to get the perfect calling card is create a one-of-a-kind design (easier than it sounds with our online design process) and leave a blank space to jot down a personal message for your client that’s sure to impress and guarantee a callback.

Save the dates

It’s a well-known fact that one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do is get married.

Getting hitched often hits wallets harder than rent on a London flat for a year. In the UK alone the industry is worth over £10 billion a year, and for reference, that’s about ten Kylie Jenners.

Newlyweds in Britain face an average bill of over £36,000, with over £800 going on stationery for the big day; more than the cake, flowers, entertainment, drinks and wedding photography. The hefty price tag is no surprise since it’s considered a standard practice in the wedding game to up the prices for people looking to tie the knot.

However, you don’t have to pay crazy prices for your perfect save-the-date card! Beat the sneaky wedding surcharge and planning stress by ordering Kraft business cards online way cheaper. Creating a business card with a unique design to fit your wedding theme is a brilliant way to finesse your planning and save a little cash without scrimping on your save the date’s look.

We have tons of options, so you can be as creative as you want and still have a luxury design business card that looks incredible and gets all of your guests excited for the big day. No matter the theme, personalised business cards are a great way to keep your wedding stationery on theme and on budget.

Keep customers returning with Loyalty Cards

Well, one way to keep people coming back to your business that’s popular with companies and customers alike and a safe bet to keep the clients coming is personalised loyalty cards. An ever-popular choice for coffee shops that are spilling into other business areas, loyalty cards are a stamp-as-you-go system that, after a few visits, rewards your customer for staying with your business.

Loyalty cards usually include a free service or discount as a loyalty reward, and can often give your business a little bit of a branding boost too, just to mix things up!

With a loyalty card, you can not only keep usual clients interested, but you can also entice new clients and show off what you can do, where you are and who you are all at the same time. Perfect for advertising and bringing people into your business while keeping space for brilliant deals! And not just for cafes, switching up your business card into a loyalty scheme is perfect for bars pushing cocktails, or beauty salons who want to get customers interested in a new treatment.

Business Cards with QR Code technology

We’re living in the future, so why not mash up easy tech and social media with a classic business card for a really unique first impression that’ll get your customers clicking? If you’re not sure about the lingo, a QR code is a matrix (a digital one not the one with Keanu Reeves) that lets you scan with your phone camera to see a business’s website or social media account. With all the rage in Japan, QR codes are making their way across the world to become the next big thing in marketing and advertising. You've probably already seen these codes on billboards, flyers and posters, you can even opt for a tattoo for a more permanent reminder.

Since a tattoo is a little bit on the extreme side, a QR code is a perfect addition to your business card for a unique intro to your brand. Since clients simply have to scan with their phone to be taken to your site it’s way easier than including a long URL on your card. It also adds a little bit of mystery to your card, since a QR code gives nothing away; curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back, and a barcode is a brilliant way to get people on your site.


Times are changing and it might seem like business cards are falling behind, but there’s loads of room to turn this staple of stationery into a fabulously unique way to get your brand out there, and with Apprintable, you have tons of options to shake things up. From magnet business cards to spot UV business cards we have a finish for everyone and with our fully personalised design process, the only limit is your imagination!

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