Though business cards are an old measure of promoting business, that does not mean they aren’t still relevant – who doesn’t loves a classic? As we move in this digital world, over 27 million business cards go for printing daily, which shows they are still a relevant marketing tool for businesses to date. Leave an impression on any potential customer with a creative yet informative business card. Your business card can tell a story so make sure you're handing out something that is memorable.

Business Cards are an irreplaceable Marketing Tool

Business cards are an effective tool and give prospective clients and customers relevant information about your brand. Establishing a brand identity and creating long-lasting relationships! Business cards are a marketing tool that bridges the gap.

Business cards play a remarkable role in personal networking; to strengthen and solidify a chain of professional relationships. In the contemporary world, business cards have a personalised edge that is irreplaceable. 72% of people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of its business cards. Bespoke and elaborate cards, which contain important personal information, are impactful - they help you speak volumes about yourself and your brand.

We offer customisable business cards in a range of pre-designed templates, materials and sizes, all at affordable prices. With bespoke and created cards we have the perfect solution to increase your brand identity

Here are the types of business cards we offer and what they are suitable for:

Premium Business Cards

As the name suggests, these business cards look premium with the use of high-quality materials. For the first impressions of your brand, premium business cards are the right option. First impressions count, so good quality reflects your good business. So, if you want to increase your brand recognition and quality then get a set of premium business cards.

Recycled Business Cards

The recycled business cards are made from recycled paper and are the more eco-friendly option. They are a good look for your business as they can show off your vibrant design while displaying you are responsible towards the environment as well. If you are in an industry where you push for eco-friendly causes then these cards stay aligned with your company ethos.

Spot UV Business Cards

The Spot UV business cards are designed to captivate your clients with that subtle hint of luxury. Spot UV printing gives a shine to the business cards that are matt laminated on either side. The quality is what attracts business owners to choose these types of business cards above all. Spot UV can be used to almost highlight elements of detail from your design and give it the ‘spotlight’.

Square Business Cards

A rectangle is now familiar, so why not take a different approach? The square business cards are the new way of designing and crafting business cards that will help you stand out amongst the crowd. Square business cards are a different but still professional approach to business cards.

Economic Business Cards

If you are handing out business cards as a promotional voucher or token, you might need a higher quantity of cheaper cards. Our economy business cards allow you to network in style whilst sticking to your budget. These are cheap and are of good quality to help serve the purpose adequately.

Square business cards:

Be sure to leave your mark with our innovative square business cards. Show everyone what your business has to offer with our unique and exceptionally designed square business cards, helping you create that unforgettable introduction.

Recycled business cards:

An eco-friendly alternative that is professional and environmentally conscious at the same time! Recycled business cards show that you care about first impressions, your brand, clients and also about the environment.


These are a few of the many types of business cards that are usually preferable by businesses to promote their service offerings and earn impressions in the market. Apprintable is one of the popular firms that offer all types of business card printing solutions to help you meet your needs and requirements at affordable rates.

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