The cost of a personalised exhibition stand depends on its size and the materials used in its construction. Before settling on your choice, it is important to balance your budget, the extent of attention you want to grab, and the return on investment.

You may also consider the frequency of your exhibits. Hiring would be more suitable if you attend only a single show while purchasing a modular stand would be more economical if you take part in several shows.

How Much Does an Exhibition Stand Cost

In this article, we discuss the different ways of obtaining exhibition stands and the several costs involved.

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Determining how much an exhibition stand costs

You can choose between buying and hiring when determining how much an exhibition stand costs. If you are attending small trade shows or are on a budget, purchasing a fabric display, pop-up display or pop-up banner would be wise.

These options are reusable and thus cost-effective for multiple events. However, if you want to create a unique exhibition presence, you might hire an exhibition stand.

Cost of Purchasing an Exhibition stand

Do you prefer purchasing your stand to hire? Here are some of the different options available in the market today:

Pop-up stands

Portable exhibition stands are known for their ease of assembly and size. They occupy small floor spaces and can easily be dismantled and put back together. This option comprises a lightweight standard design that you can use at various exhibitions if you exhibit often.

The design is a good starter option. It is popular among companies testing the effect of exhibition participation for the first time or have just begun their journey to taking part in international trade fairs.

This is the way to go if you operate on a tight budget. Remember that pop-up stands do not stand out, so you might have difficulties garnering crowds. For such structures, the cost per square meter ranges from £100 to £350.

Modular exhibition stands

If you are looking for a more elaborate self-build option, you may choose modular stands. They comprise several panels displaying graphics.

Modular stands allow for a more bespoke look compared to basic pop-ups, thus providing a good and relatively economical option. They bridge the gap between custom-built and pop-up stands tailored for new exhibitors or those on a tight budget.

A modular stand comprises individual blocks that you can assemble easily anytime. It is a lightweight and reliable option most suitable for long-term use.

While modular stands can only go up to one floor, some design solutions can construct larger areas.

Constructing a modular exhibition stand costs £400 to £1000 per square meter.

Custom exhibit stands

Consider incorporating a unique design into your exhibition stand if your company wants to draw visitors during trade fairs. An exclusive project like this means you may incur higher costs for your exhibition stands, but the return on investment may be much higher.

Besides being reusable systems, custom modular stands are 100% reconfigurable. This implies that you can use them at any event. What makes these stands unique is their design.

A custom modular exhibition stand can be tailored to suit your specifications and floor space.

It provides room for building bespoke showcases, using seamless floor-to-ceiling graphics, audiovisuals, and lighting equipment to grab attention.

The design of custom exhibition stands considers the company's wishes and future marketing activities. Because of this, the design development and approval process might take longer.

Typically, the development of an exclusive design takes 7 to 10 working days. For the designer to fully use the potential for creative solutions, they must understand the budget allocated to your exhibition stand.

Once they have understood the goal, they may be in a better position to advise on using unique materials such as TV/AV walls, suspended structures, and walls of living plants.

A typical custom exhibit stand is valued at £500 to £1500 per square meter, depending on your needs and preferences.

Cost of hiring an exhibition stand

If you are going to showcase your products at different trade shows, hiring an exhibition stand would be wise. The contractor handles the stand's design, delivery, assembly, storage, and removal with this option. This way, your staff members can relax and focus better on selling your products.

The service comes with a variety of costs, as outlined below:

Size of the stand

The top factor that affects the cost of your exhibition stand is the dimensions required for it. The bigger the stand, the more assembly time and the number of staff needed.

Type of frame

Exhibition stand contractors provide a wide range of frame types. Traditional stand builders use fully wooden stands that could increase the costs because of the number of decorators and carpenters involved.

Type of flooring required

Typically, trade shows provide a carpet for all the exhibitors. But, if you are hiring a stand, you might opt for a unique type of flooring.

You can choose from the wide array of options available, including linoleum, coloured carpets, fully printed floors, or grass, which usually comes at an extra cost.

Stand features and accessories

The biggest advantage of hiring a stand is the frame’s bespoke nature. You can opt to include some standard features and accessories to make your stand more unique.

Here are some additional features you may consider:

  • Meeting area
  • Storage area
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Reception counter
  • Product showcases
  • Additional lighting
  • Hanging banner

Venue Fees

The more complex your stand grows, the more you may require the exhibition venue’s facilities. These may come at a high cost. Some expenses to consider include:

Stand Electrics

You might pay more if your stand requires elaborate lighting or accessories with high power consumption, such as AV equipment and coffee machines.


If you are going to use internet devices such as tablets or laptops at the trade fair, it is recommended that you purchase Wi-Fi connectivity from the venue. Alternatively, you can opt for mobile internet, but it is always very poor in exhibition venues.


You might incur extra charges if you require water connectivity to your stand.


You risk a fine if you leave any waste behind after an exhibit. So, ensure you remove your stand and any other associated materials.

Benefits of hiring an exhibition stand

The advantage of hiring an exhibition stand as opposed to buying is that hired stands create a professional image for your brand.

For this reason, they are best suited for international events. Also, they allow you to customise as you can add as many accessories as you like.

Hiring stands also ensure a stress-free exhibition as the contractor handles the design, build, breakdown, and disposal, leaving your team to focus on showcasing your products and networking.

Every exhibitor wants an economical stand for their exhibits, which is why everyone keeps asking about the cost of an exhibit stand.

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question, as several factors are in play here. Once you have weighed your options, understood the cost implications, and decided whether you want to buy or hire, you can come up with a rough estimate for your budget.

Always remember to choose an affordable option that offers a good return on investment.