Your clients, like everyone else, enjoy receiving compliments and love. Humans are emotional creatures who seek a sense of belonging. You must establish a professional and friendly relationship with your customers to keep them. Compliment slips are a great way to show your clients and customers how much you care.

What Should all Compliment Slips Contain?

custom compliment slips

1. Brand identity

Your printed compliment slips should accurately reflect your brand in design and content. Create personalised compliment slips with an element specific to your brand or business and easily identifiable as you!

2. A straightforward design

Because your compliment slip design has limited space, please make the most of it by keeping any content short, simple, and to the point! Make any wording relevant, concise, and meaningful.

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3. Good print materials

Use high-quality materials – high-quality paper will make the slip more tactile and reflect well on you and your company. The quality of your stationery will reflect the quality of your business or service.

4. Provide information that is simple to understand

If you want your compliment slip design to make an impression and convey important information, make it enjoyable and straightforward to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are compliment slips?

The standard Compliment Slip size in the United Kingdom is 99 x 210mm, corresponding to DL Cards. Make sure your Compliment Slip is the right size by following our design guidelines.

What is a compliment slip?

A Compliment Slip, also known as a Compliment Card, is a printed thank you note that includes your company's information and logo, similar to a letterhead. It's named after the phrase with compliments, usually followed by a personalised handwritten note.

What do you write on a compliment slip?

The personalisation of a sound Compliment Card is what gives it its power. Use your client's name and refer to their purchase to make them feel extra special. Remember to thank them as well!

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