Are you planning on hosting an event with guests? One of the simplest ways to manage your admission and visitors is with some sort of ticketing management. Apprintable offers you different wristbands to make a successful event easily achievable.

Even if you’ve recently read up on why Tyvek printed wristbands are important for an event, you may still be unsure about what's better suited for you, Custom Paper Wristbands or Personalised Fabric Wristbands.

Wristbands are an inexpensive and straightforward way to handle your event. Any wristband printing order placed with Apprintable has the option to be fully customised in order to meet your expectations.

What are the advantages of using personalised wristbands?

1. Beating Queues

A regular occurrence at any event is a queue, this can deter your guest from either purchasing a drink or attending your event altogether. All in all, this affects your profits which is the last situation you’d like to be in, you can cut down your queues at your venue with the smart use of wristbands.

Being able to identify clients in a split second, just by the colour of their wrist band will make a life for your staff a lot simpler. It also means you can control the size of your queues relatively easily. Additionally, it means your guests will be happier as they can move around quicker and happy guests spend more money.

2. Security Purposes

Paper Wristbands are perfect for this, given the fact that they are tamper-resistant and weatherproof, you can always be at ease in knowing that you know exactly what your wristbands will look like.

Allows you to split your guests into different sections/categories, for example; Backstage Passes, Multi-day festival passes, disability access and anything else you deem reasonable.

3. Brand Awareness

Spreading your venue's message goes well beyond the standard marketing methods: word of mouth, posters and social media. You’d be surprised at the different ways people will be introduced to your event. A simple way to do this is by branding your wristband, making your own wristband and making it memorable to the point that when someone else sees it they are keen to find out more about where it came from. High End designed wristbands are perfect to use as festival wristbands.

What are Paper Wristbands?

Paper Wristbands also are known as Printed Tyvek Wristbands. Not only are they great value for money, but they also solve simple security management issues whilst still being highly durable, a perfect asset for events and festivals. For a professional look, Custom Black Wristbands are ideal whereas a full-colour printed wristband is preferred for a more vibrant impact.

Given the simplicity of the print, you can have these printed for next-day delivery. If you are after a cost-effective material that won’t snap at with ease, you should go with Tyvek wristbands.

This paper-like bracelet can also be used for nightclubs, festivals and charity events.

What are Fabric Wristbands?

Rated as our highly secure wristband, Personalised fabric wristbands are a rapid growth trend and there are several more reasons for this. Not only does it give you a great level of security measures but, their benefits stretch further than just security; they can be a fashion statement as well as a marketing tool.

Due to the fact that these bands are constructed by being woven and not directly printed, Apprintable has the power to create a completely unique yet eye-catching fabric wristband in the UK. This means they are impossible to be copied and you can rest easy knowing that no one is profiting from selling counterfeit tickets.

Another big feature would be the vast amount of finishes we can offer on this band, there are two materials that can be used to seal your wristband; plastic and metal. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Paper & Fabric Wristbands comparison table

Benefits of Paper WristbandsBenefits of Fabric Wristbands
Tamper-resistantTamper Resistant (Can only be removed by being cut off once the wristband is locked)
Colour printing (Apprintable offer full-colour paper wristbands)Waterproof
Range in different colour wristbands (we offer 10 colours you can pick from including a range of Neon wristbands)Customisable (Option of whatever text you see fit as well as a logo of your choice, use our Print Design service to design around your brand)
Fits anyone (size can be adjusted to the particular wrist with the use of self-adhesive to close the loop anyone from a small child to an adult)Fabric wristband sealing options:
  • Fabric Wristband with a Metal ring: This is a commonly used wristband for large music festivals, the crimped tool finish allows you to safely secure your wristband in place meaning that the only way to remove it is by cutting it off with scissors.
  • Fabric Wristband with a Barrel lock: A plastic tube armed with 2 layers of plastic teeth which effectively secures the wristband. This type of finish is one of the most popular security locks for wristbands
Customisable (choose your text or vital information and a choice of a black and white logo (unless you choose our full-colour wristbands, you can design your own wristband using our free wristband design tool or one of our talented designers can do it for you)Customisable - with a your own designs
Cost-EffectiveCostly compared to paper wristbands
Full-Colour wristbands are just like standard paper wristbands but with more options in terms of design.Sometimes limited to 4 colours