There is no glossing over it - both the beverage and beauty industries collectively are one of the leading distributors contributing to a rise in carbon emissions and the global waste problem in landfills. From excessive packaging, single-use discarding, to mass production of plastic, this pressing ecological issue has caused global distributors to rethink their fundamental business strategy.

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What are large scale beverage and beauty manufacturers doing to combat the global environmental crisis? There is still a glimmer of hope for the planet as both distributors are certainly starting to implement sustainable initiatives. So, let’s divulge straight into the heart of this issue and discover which multinational brands are prioritising eco-friendly endeavours.

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Aromatic Scents and Powerful Social Responsibility

The scent is an emotion that holds the key to cherished personal memories. With such a strong relevance, surely the one-of-a-kind fragrance you carefully select should not be detrimental to the natural world?

From ingredients, manufacturing processes, right down to the packaging, every aspect within the fragrance sector must be addressed. Ethically sourced ingredients and earth-friendly recyclable packaging contribute to a fragrance’s sustainability credentials. In the current modern beauty landscape, being cruelty-free, responsibly sourced, and eco-friendly should be a given for all brands. Below we have some beauty powerhouses shaking up the industry...

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Universally recognised mainstream beauty brands pave the way for life-changing social initiatives and monumental change. Lancôme Idôle made waves when it launched the first zero-waste refillable fragrance back in 2019. Once you finished the ultra-pure fragrant bottle, one could simply take it to a Lancôme counter desk to be replenished at a discounted price. There are at least 200 counters across the UK and Ireland with refillable stations!

Signature scents should give back to the planet, that is why the niche fragrance brand Stories By Eliza Grace is holding a powerful sustainable stance. Stories minimise its plastic consumption on an impressive holistic scale; the bottle is refillable, uses raw paper labels, and is wrapped in biodegradable cellophane.

Bring on the Bubbly with Sustainable Practices

We discussed what Eco-friendly really means and how it connects to sustainability. Sustainability is a societal conversation that has gathered considerable momentum in the last few years. Sustainability in the beverage industry has surpassed debates over a delicious brew and is now a required corporate responsibility. However, the majority of consumers have little idea what the impact their seasonal refreshing cocktail or deliciously brewed pint can have on the natural world.

It is refreshing to see big players and multinational pioneers taking responsibility and reducing their carbon footprint. We have unearthed some fantastic green drink brands that are paving the way and working towards a sustainable future.

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Coca-Cola is developing sustainable packaging by partnering with governments and private sectors to reduce overall emissions in 2020. Coca-Cola’s long term goal is to leverage its significant scale and resources to create a ‘circular economy’ in which materials are reused to advocate powerful changes in policy.

They introduced PlantBottle, the world’s first fully recyclable PET plastic bottle produced partially from PLA sugar cane in 2009. Vegan-friendly bioplastics are not only a fantastic alternative to petroleum-based thermoplastics, but they reduce weight by 50%, which means vehicles cost less to transport and utilise less gas - reducing carbon dioxide emissions twofold.

Stiegl, a notoriously famous speciality beer manufacturer in Austria, was the first brewery to manufacture 100% recycled beer bottle labels. The Salzburg pioneering brewery is setting exceptional eco-conscious precedence by converting labels into recycled paper. The new recycling labels have lowered their carbon footprint by 26% and the recovered paper fibres have saved 49% of water in production - the glass is always greener on the other side!

Plastic Free Labels: The Future is Green

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It’s time to start drinking more mindfully and championing ethically sourced fragrances. At Apprintable, we can help the ecological crisis with our bespoke range of sustainably engineered labels. From Biodegradable Transparent Labels, Biodegradable Sugarcane Labels, to Brown Kraft Paper Labels - we have a pioneering sustainable print offering that all businesses, no matter how big or small, should utilise!

Our sustainable developments are a continuation of innovation within the print industry - we are immensely proud to work in a community that is prioritising a less wasteful future and fundamentally changing the industry for good.

It is abundantly clear that beverage and beauty industries must address their detrimental throwaway culture and greenwashing marketing implications. As a enviromentally friendly print shop, we are always looking to exponentially expand our eco-friendly print offering and provide responsibly sourced labels to the UK market - all at a wallet-friendly price.