What do we mean by Eco-Friendly?

After discussing how to make a festival more environmentally friendly, it's important to take a step back and first ask what does it actually mean to be Eco-friendly? In the modern world, phrases such as ‘environmentally-friendly’, ‘going green’, and ‘eco-friendly’ widely circulate in society and have been used in many different media channels. Each particular phrase is often regarded as interchangeable and the true definition sometimes gets convoluted with one another. Understanding the individual phrases is crucial for businesses so they can make the right informed decision and bring about long-lasting change for their organisation and, most importantly, the planet.

Definition of Eco-Friendly

In regards to the print industry, the phrase ‘eco-friendly’ can be understood to mean products that don’t inflict or cause harm to the natural world. Another way to think about eco-friendly is in terms of procedures which are put in place to safeguard natural resources; an example being the water we drink and the air we breathe. By using the responsible resources available, you can switch to a sustainably balanced life and minimise your carbon footprint.

What makes a product eco-friendly?

At a bare minimum, eco-friendly marketing products are responsibly sourced and contain organic non-toxic materials. Also, if a product consists of post-consumer waste that has been recycled and can biodegrade or compost over time, then this is a planet-friendly alternative. An example of this are fully compostable biodegradable cups. Greeting Cards on Recycled Paper are made with 100% recycled paper, any product that has been transformed from discarded waste and given a new lease of life is environmentally friendly - turning landfill into planet-friendly compost!

Purchasing Eco-Friendly Print: Unending Benefits

Saving the Planet

It goes without saying that earth-friendly products are substantially better for our ecosystem than standard alternatives. By swapping to eco-print one can reduce pollution, landfill wastage, green gas emissions, and stop contamination of natural resources!

Expand your Customer Base

Currently, sustainable products are trendy, in-demand, and convey a positive impression of organisations. Simply by offering clients a greener portfolio, you can change their buying decision and simultaneously spark a wave of interest from new customers.

Receive Grants and Incentives

Within the UK, businesses can be paid for choosing green initiatives. An example being the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund who offer anything up to £10,000 for small and medium-sized corporations. A powerful incentive to kickstart your sustainability strategy!

Improve Brand Image

Behind every business is strong leadership, pioneers in specific fields, and to put it simply, people. Regardless of all your Marketing endeavours and strategic PR campaigns that drive traffic to your business, an eco-friendly offering sells itself and can influence a buyers decision. The perfect tool for word of mouth sales; consumers are likely to refer your business to anyone asking for an eco-friendly offering.

Save Money in the Long Run

Although a one-off purchase, single-use throw away products significantly amount to more money being spent over time. Reusing a product multiple times is a cost-effective option that saves you money in the long run; now that’s a great bang for your buck!

Eco-Friendly Print

Paper Cups

Across the world, half a trillion disposable cups are produced every year; an ever-growing figure that contributes to the global plastic problem. Rather than tirelessly worrying about how your next coffee-fix will affect the planet, make the switch to reusable biodegradable paper cups and never look back! Manufactured from raw earth-friendly materials, greatly minimise your carbon footprint with our food-safe biodegradable cups.

Reusable Travel Cups

A reusable marketing mug is the answer to our eco-conscious woes - without having to drop the caffeine habit! Produced from 100% recycled materials, our printed biodegradable travel cup; now that is certainly worth holding onto. Don’t leave a serious dent on your wallet and a damaging impact on the environment with biodegradable coffee mugs.

Head over to our eco-friendly reusable category; we are brimming full with earth-friendly alternatives, the future is green!

Custom printed Business Stationery

Switch over your printed office stationary such as compliment slips to compliment slips printed on recycled paper as well as letterhead on recycled paper - both printed locally and produced from 100% recycled paper, showing your customers that your business is eco conscious