Personalised Stapled booklet printing

Illustrate your ideas through stapled booklets & brochure printing with Apprintable. Whether you're getting ready for a business presentation or working on a home improvement project, stapled booklets can help you make a powerful impression by aiding in the organisation of your content.

At Apprintable, we specialise in high-quality digital printing and paper selection, so you can design stapled booklets that fit your needs perfectly. Choose from our wide selection of paper weights and finishes to create an elegant design that will make all of your hard work stand out. With our stapled booklet printing, you can make a professional product at a reasonable price. Pick between traditional a4 stapled booklet printing, A5, and A6 sizes or the newest arrivals from Apprintable, like our standout from the crowd, square stapled brochure and catalogues. We only use the best high quality ink jet printers.


What is a saddle-stitched booklet?

Saddle-stitched booklets are another name for stapled books. A strong metal staple is used to sew up the fold line of folded printed pages in the extremely popular saddle stitch binding technique. The two main reasons for this technique's success are its affordability and speed of production. One surefire way to keep all the material you are publishing in one place is in stapled booklets.

What paper types can I choose?

You can create a booklet that fits your budget by selecting from a variety of paper types. High-quality 120 gsm uncoated paper for a readable finish is also an option, as is 150 gsm silk, 170 paper and also recycled stock. If you're printing professional stapled brochures to give to clients, you can also choose between a self-cover (which is the same as your inside pages) or a 250gsm to 350gsm thick cover.

How do I make a stapled booklet?

Making a stapled booklet is simple with Apprintable, regardless of whether you're doing the artwork yourself or giving instructions to your in-house design team. If you have access to professional design software like Photoshop, you can produce your stapled book print there as well. If not, our step-by-step instructions will show you how to set up your artwork in Word. Or you can contact our team for help with your personalised stapled book.

Where can I use my brand's stapled brochure?

A stapled brochure is perfect to use in cafes, your waiting area coffee table, company office, festival planning and more! Make your body text, main paragraphs and brand information stand out to your target audience.