What is the Purpose of Compliment Slips?

Compliment slips, like business cards and letterheads, are very popular and have become a standard part of any corporate stationery. But are they being used to their full potential in your company, or are they stacked and forgotten in a dark cupboard?

It's common for businesses to overlook the value of a handwritten note over a professionally printed compliment slip. Don't worry if you're one of them. We've arrived to save the day! This post will show you how to use compliment slips as a powerful marketing tool.

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When Should a Compliment Slip be Used?

If you believe that compliment slips have no use in this digital age, you are mistaken!

Compliment slips have been around for a long time and should be included in your company's stationery kit because they can bridge the gap between the compact use of business cards and the large-scale letterhead. Compliment Slips can also allow you to be creative while creating something useful and enjoyable.

According to a recent survey, receiving mail makes people feel more valued. Sending mail allows you to establish more genuine two-way relationships with your clients and prospects.

Consumers are so accustomed to the digital age that they expect emails to contain links to e-books and pdf downloads. When was the last time you received a hard copy brochure or presentation, and how did that make you feel?

Compliment slips are an excellent way to demonstrate your company's professionalism. You can show that you take the time to provide excellent customer service.

And that attention to detail is essential to you by including a compliment slip in the envelope with a brochure you send out. A simple handwritten note can be significant.

Is Compliment Slip Really Important?

Writing short handwritten notes on compliment slips makes clients feel valued.

Professionalism is essential for business survival, but business interactions do not have to be cold. We are all human, and in today's digital world, most of our communication takes place on a screen.

It's sometimes nice to know that you're dealing with a real person. Here are four great occasions to use a compliment slip:

1. Reinforce your brand with compliment slips

Compliment slips should be consistent with the rest of your stationery. If a client wishes to contact you, a compliment slip should reinforce your brand and make your contact information visible in hand. Avoid using a blank piece of paper to write a note to a client because it will be quickly forgotten or lost.

2. Add a personal touch to corporate documents with compliment slips

Sending clients business documents like catalogues, contracts, invoices, and reports can make a relationship feel too formal and distant. Why not start things off right with a compliment slip?

Even a simple message like "let me know when it's a good time to discuss this" or "if you have any questions, just give me a call, and we can go over everything when it's convenient for you" can add a personal touch to the client's interaction while keeping it professional.

3. Offer an exclusive discount or offer on compliment slips

Personalisation is key when it comes to compliment slips. Why not take it a step further and offer limited-time discounts or campaigns to a select group of customers? Customers can feel like they're a part of something special when they receive handwritten messages. Who doesn't want to be respected?

4. Personalisation

We already mentioned how complimentary slips allow for more personal communication; this is true as a business stationery tool and as a way to personalise some of the more everyday, formal business communications.

A handwritten compliment slip personalises the package if you're sending other business documents to a client, such as contracts, invoices, and catalogues. It can 'introduce' the accompanying documents and invite feedback or questions about its contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliment slips printing apprintable

What exactly is a compliment slip?

A compliment slip is a small piece of professionally printed paper, usually DL (210mm x 99mm) or A6 in size (148mm x 105mm).

Because they fit inside standard envelopes, these are the most common sizes. Compliment slips with foil blocking and embossed designs are also popular.

Including a personal note on a professionally printed compliment slip can balance the brand's professionalism and the sender's personal touch. Professional compliment slip printing is inexpensive and can provide a significant investment return due to its numerous advantages.

What information should be on a compliment slip?

Your company logo, contact information, and a writing space are all included on professional compliment slips. They are always printed on uncoated paper, which makes them suitable for writing on, but they can also be finished in various ways.

Why should brand use compliment slips?

Compliment slips allow you to make a genuine connection with a client because they will enable you to include a handwritten note.

Why don't you say hello, thank you, or call me soon? Taking the time to write personalised messages for clients makes them feel valued and can lead to increased loyalty.

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