Previously we discussed the benefits of paper wristbands compared to fabric custom wristbands. Today we’ll discuss what benefits Custom Printed Wristbands have for promotional Events. From general planning, sending out invitations, to every other miscellaneous task, event planners need to put in the groundwork to ensure that the big day runs smoothly. If you are hosting a special corporate event, keeping track of your guests wellbeing and experience is paramount. This begs the question, how can Tyvek wristbands help manage events?

What is a Tyvek Wristband?

Same Day Delivery Tyvek Wristbands are manufactured from spun polyethylene that resembles a paper-like structure. With the addition of a specially-made strong adhesive, the wristband remains firmly in place once applied and provides maximum security in any environment. If an event lasts multiple days, then the tamper-proof Tyvek Wristband is a practical and necessary addition.

Are TYVEK bands a durable product?

Although the TYVEK wristband resembles a synthetic paper material, it is certainly far more resilient than paper. The band is robust and resistant to spillages and general wear and tear. With the ability to withstand volatile temperatures, the Tyvek Wristband is comfortable to wear and can ensure longevity at any event! If you are looking to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of your event attendees, then the TYVEK wristband can take your business that one step further. About 97% of marketers believe that in-person events can impact the business outcomes and are crucial for an organisation's success.

What levels of security does a TYVEK wristband offer?

Not only do event organisers want to improve the experience of attendees, but they must ensure utmost protection and high levels of security throughout any event. Professional All Black TYVEK wristbands are tamper-proof and contain a sequential numbering addition that helps keep track of the number of attendees. TYVEK bands offer an important numbering system which is unique to each band, thus preventing fraud and duplicating wristbands to occur.

Customisable features

TYVEK bands are incredibly versatile and a staple of the events industry. Available in a plethora of striking colours, the Personalised Full Colour Paper Wristbands can also convey your particular brand identity. Embroidered TYVEK bands with a company logo, visual designs, or relevant information and put your business on prime display!

How have you prepared?

For events that need a little more preparation, Paper Wristbands are a cost-effective and pivotal addition to help you get organised. The days of ink stamps are certainly gone - it is time to efficiently organise events! Apprintable is an online printing business, operating in the heart of West London, that creates bespoke and custom-made paper wristbands in the UK to keep your event safe and one to remember.