Brochure printing

Why should you design bespoke brochures and stapled booklet and catalogue printing?

Stamping out competition and maintaining a competitive edge has become even more of a challenge in recent years. The emergence of the digital age has brought with it complications and problems for businesses - it isn’t as easy as setting up shop and waiting for the customers to come directly to you.

Although digital platforms dominate modern marketing trends, traditional marketing techniques like trust-worthy promotional brochures and online book printing are not going anywhere!

Keeping things simple with print can actually prove more powerful and have a far-reaching impact. This is down to one simple reason; booklet and brochure printing is tangible. To put it simply, physical marketing media is much more intriguing and persuasive than digital platforms because it provokes a memorable response. The ‘hands-on’ aspect of physically holding, turning the pages, and getting up close to brochures and custom book printing adds value and can certainly inspire readers into making a purchase.

Maximise your marketing efforts with well-designed booklets and online brochure printing

Our business printing services and booklet & brochure program is truly compelling - if we may say so ourselves! We stock a plethora of stylish, wallet-friendly and eye-catching printed materials that include: a4 brochure printing, spiral-bound notebook printing, and casebound hardback books.

Whether you are promoting products or services, looking to produce drinks and a food menu, or designing a seasonal magazine for customers, you can convey the right message with the UK's best stapled booklet printing company.

We never compromise on producing outstanding print and graphics; thus the binding process is no exception. We have a range of binding options that not only keep all the pages tightly secured together but give an incredibly professional appearance.

  • Our A4-A6 stapled book printing UK deploys a saddle stitch binding method - pages are collectively gathered, folded and stapled along the crease with wire staples.
  • Perfect bound brochures do not involve folding; instead pages are gathered neatly together and glued along the spine with a strong adhesive.
  • Lastly, wiro bound books are bound with a silver coil that loops through individual holes punched at the edge of a book.

With an exciting variety of binding preferences, customisable features and free delivery in the UK, it is no surprise that we have everything in our brochure & booklet printing London catalogue to strengthen your brand identity, impress customers and ultimately boost sales


Brochures are traditionally used to promote products or services. They can be single, multi, or tri-folded, contain pictures, strong graphics and have multiple panels of information.

When creating a brochure or booklet, take a look at our top tips:

  • Define the target audience
  • Create memorable, meaningful and targeted content to complement the graphics
  • Include a brand logo, punchy heading and relevant company information (social media, website etc)
  • Incorporate unique and eye-catching images, colours, fonts, or designs to get heads turning

Booklets and brochures are very similar, however they fulfill different purposes.

  • Brochure printing UK is an informative document that is typically folded and used as a form of advertising. Primarily used to promote products or services, brochures are usually handed out, distributed inside newspapers, or placed in brochure racks.
  • Cheap book printing UK comes in all shapes and sizes. From product promotion, advertising services, to presentation documents, booklets are multifunctional and serve a range of corporate or personal usages.
‘PP’ is a short abbreviated term for printed pages (e.g. 20pp in the brochure means printed pages).

That depends solely on the type of brochure/booklet you are looking to order:

  • Wiro bound notebooks: 20 - 104 pages
  • Perfect bound brochure: 40 - 600 pages
  • A6, A5, A4 stapled booklets: 8 - 56 pages
  • Casebound hardback books: 32 - 500 pages