Swing Tag Printing Techniques

Swing tags or hangtags are subtle but innovative branding tools that can provide essential product information while projecting your brand image. It would help if you considered the finish and printing techniques in addition to the board qualities, material types, artwork, and various cuts and shapes. This is what will help elevate the product presentation of your brand.

Swing Tag Printing Technique

You have a variety of options to choose from, fortunately. We've listed ten different swing tag techniques to help you pick the right one in this blog article.

Let's look at Apprintable's list for 2022;

1. Matte Finishing

Matte lamination is the perfect laminated finish for giving your branding's colours a soft, muted look. The printed finish of your swing tag can be protected with lamination. A thin layer of plastic is applied in matte, silk, or glossy finishes, all of which have different effects.

2. Lamination in Gloss

A gloss laminated finish on your swing tag will appear extremely shiny, making the surface reflective. When it comes to capturing a customer's attention, this goes a long way.

3. Lamination in Silk

Silk is another innovative lamination technique that you can use. This can also leave a lasting impression thanks to the muted colour tones and a soft to touch brushed finish.

4. UV Spot Finishing

You must prioritise the paper quality to achieve a UV spot finish on your printed swing tags, as it cannot be applied to all paper types.

Spot UV varnish is applied to separate areas of your swing tag, resulting in a beautiful gloss effect in that area. This is an excellent contrast to the rest of the swing tag.

5. Stamping with foil

Foil stamping is a metallic foiling technique that enhances the overall design.

The metallic foil is bonded to the paper using heat and pressure in this technique. You get a visual and textural effect because it's applied directly to the material. Your brand can also benefit from using this swing tag printing technique:

  • The metal finish is gleaming and realistic.
  • It sticks flawlessly, allowing the foil to draw attention to your swing tag.
  • A more durable option than other methods.

6. PMS Metallic Printing

Specialist ink is mixed with metal particles in this technique to create a shiny printed finish for your swing tags. You may need to apply multiple coats to achieve the desired effect as the metallic particles in ink become opaque.

If you use the metallic PMS printing technique, you'll gain the following advantages:

  • Having a large selection of metal colours to match your brand image ideally.
  • Create a subtle metallic look.
  • It is a more cost-effective method than others.

7. Heat Raised Ink

This process, also known as thermography, involves ink rising from the paper. Don't overlook heat raised ink if you want a swing tag with a 3D effect that creates a unique textured effect.

The thermographic powder, made from plastic resins, is used in the process. This powder coats the paper and adheres to wet ink to create the embossed effect. The excess powder is removed during the vacuum stage, and the powder-coated element is then passed through an oven to melt.

After this procedure, your heat raised ink swing tag will be shiny and have a unique bubble-like effect.

8. Embossing

If you use the embossing technique on your swing tags, you'll get a raised image or text on the material. This is accomplished by pressing the plates directly into the paper. Inks and foils can also be used for added effect.

Consider the thickness of the paper you use for your swing tag to achieve a unique embossed effect. Consider styles like buckram, cord, linen, and gravure to break out of the box and use swing tags that you won't see many other brands using.

9. Debossing

Debossing is the polar opposite of embossing and is accomplished by indenting the texts and images into the swing tag paper. You can add ink or foil stamping for even more depth and design to make a more significant and memorable impact.

Remember the thickness of the paper to get the best-debossed swing tag finish possible. The debossing will not be visible otherwise.

10. Deboss the Blind

The blind deboss technique is another debossing effect you can use on your swing tags. This is ideal if you want a finish that is extra thick compared to other options. The swing tag becomes twice as wide when two pieces of card are joined together compared to regular versions.

The text or image on your hang tags and swing tickets is indented here, followed by another piece of paper or card on the back. This ensures that the back of your swing tag remains plain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tag, also known as a swing ticket?

Swing tags and tickets do not adhere to your product in the same way that other labels are. Instead, they're attached loosely to your product with string, ribbon, drilled holes, or various other methods to create a moveable label that complements the overall design.

A folded card, a hanging tag, or a ticket die-cut in an exciting shape are all options. Tags and tickets can be made from various materials, such as synthetic plastics, cards, and paper.

Why are tags and swing tickets so popular?

Swing tickets and tags appeal to our inner child. We want to reach out and touch them, unravel the mysteries of a folded card, or learn more about the relationship between the tag and the product. People are more likely to investigate a tag before reaching out for the product itself.

What can a tag or a swing ticket be used for?

This type of labelling is a great way to give your customers information that you don't want to cram onto the main label, such as information about other products in a range, usage instructions, or brand information.

Tags and swinging tickets are a low-cost and attractive way to run limited-time marketing campaigns without having to change your main label design.

Why should your company use luxury swing tags?

Adding a luxury swing tag to your garments can be beneficial even if you're not a high fashion brand. Swing tags are one of the most understated aspects of clothing, but they hold significance for the brand.

Luxury swing tags will make your brand feel more high-end, but they will also provide many other benefits.

What to look for in a clothing swing tag printer?

The type of swing tag printer you use for clothing is determined by your needs and the types of orders you process. 

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