Work is fun (at the office), but partying is more fun. But combining these two is the best, especially when planned with the best corporate event theme ideas (also see our personalised corporate party range).

As a corporate planner, you ought to make sure that your company get-togethers are enjoyable and relevant. However, other than these- and it is crucial- that they should be appropriate and in accordance with the event and setting, as well as your company culture.

What are some creative corporate event theme ideas that you can put together? Below is a list of the best ones.

Unique Corporate Theme Ideas For An Unforgettable Get-Together

Corporate Theme Ideas

This theme idea works if you’re aiming for a get-together that’s more casual and doesn’t feel very corporate. Employees are bound to feel comfortable wearing their regular summertime clothing, feeling a little less formal. The atmosphere of the party would be rather laid back, and office folks are apt to let their guards down. Cosily shooting the breeze with each other, they can have a quality time networking over the company as well.

The perfect setting for this is a location by the lake. Other than being airy, it is likely to be low-cost or even free. The decor in the venue can consist of picnic tables, large white tents and balloons. There’s no need to overthink the foods, too because hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob and potato salad, among other simple street foods will suffice.

The beverages? Think of those that are cold, like ice-cold beer and lemonade, or cocktails like mint juleps for something fancy.

Your summertime office party can be livened up by activities such as badminton, croquet or cornhole or relay races and dodgeball, to mention some.

If you’re planning for a party during the holidays, you might as well highlight the season for its theme. It’s not so demanding, and yet it is effective. 

You can inform folks to be a bit formal with their garb, although you don’t need to set a definite dress code. Then again, you can tell them to turn up in their holiday best.

Traditional plated options are best served at a more formal event, including salmon, chicken or tenderloin, and vegetarian options such as grilled portabellas. Beverages ought to be tasty and flavorful, such as red wine, cranberry-mixed martinis, dark winter beers and hot toddies.

Since the year is coming to an end, activities for the occasion can include sharing a company video or a visual recapping of the company’s wins. Then some lively music and dancing. The decor? Your options are limitless like sparkles and white on white tones, poinsettia plants on conspicuous corners, cheerful blankets and fireplaces. Don’t forget the snowflakes!

Q1 is closing out, and enter Q2! Concluding the past season and welcoming a fresh start is best embodied by spring. So a spring get-together is apt. What about the food? Veggies are so in-style, and the better choices are salads, pasta and green-packed hoers d’oeuvres.

Choices radiant and fresh are perfect for beverages, like Moscow mule, lemonade and white wine. If you’re considering an outdoor venue, plan for activities such as a group hike, a picnic, patio-amiable games, bocce ball and bean bag toss.

For the decor, set up topiaries that are bright green in colours, plenteous of pastels and bunches of pretty flowers. Taking into account that the theme is flexible, you can call for an accordant dress code.

A fancy outdoor space would be suitable as a venue for the occasion, such as a local botanical garden or else a manicured lawn museum.

A carnival-themed party is one that’s sure to stand out. It’s something that everyone will definitely remember, what with an out-of-the-box decor, performance and activities. Everything classic in fair foods can be prepared, like hot dogs, elephant ears and funnel cakes. You can infuse something upscale on these regular foods if you prefer to have sophisticated options. How about turkey corn dogs and french fries with vindaloo ketchup?

The beverages? No-fuss! Beer and cider along with any carnival-themed drink will suffice.

What about the activities? Absolutely there must be a photo booth. You can have a magician going about in the crowd, or a balloon artist. Game stations that feature ring toss, among others, can be put up, too.

A big-top tent is the best venue for this kind of event, but if it's not possible, you can set up a location with circus-tent-inspired patterns where there are numerous bulb lights and a plethora of dazzling colours.

This trend for a get-together makes teams happy and productive. It’s quite perfect for a versatile group of office people who are looking for an energy and motivation booster.

The ideal setting is no place else but your office, where you can do a good deal of work-changing decluttering magic. Don’t worry about your decor, but you’ll need to re-organizing supplies such as drawer organizers, new containers, storage bins and the like.

It takes a fairy to do heaps of enchanting re-sortings, so whimsical foods like marshmallow bars and cupcakes will do the trick for some sweet delights. Otherwise, cute and niftily arranged healthy victuals can be laid out for a health-inspired celebration of tidying up.

What fits as beverages for your activities, especially if done during work hours, are coffee and tea, obviously to energize and perk everyone up.

Particularly what your team can do at this event is to screen one or two episodes of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Inspired by this decluttering guru, have folks in the workplace do a makeover of their offices or desks.

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There are plenty more great corporate theme ideas that you can work out, and they vary according to the season, maybe current events or holiday-related or simply creative and high-quality. What matters most in creating a memorable party theme is that, as a host, you should make it appropriate to the occasion, and that you put in ample effort to make it special and one-of-a-kind.

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