As we battle through the harsh winter and begrudgingly cold nights, the warm sultry days in summer seem to be on the horizon. Often synonymous with summer, festivals are a collective celebration where people of all ages and demographics join forces as one to celebrate tradition, music, religion, culture, and much more.

However, the negative implications with festivals have only started to gain recognition. It is estimated that roughly 23,500 tonnes of waste is produced annually at music festivals in the UK alone. The mountain of debris left behind by late night party-goers and festival fanatics is ever-growing - a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. For example, the most notorious music festival celebrated annually in the United States; Coachella generated the same waste over two weekends as 106 Americans produced in one year!

Luckily, many festivals in the UK have started to make changes and take action in order to improve the harmful waste they generate every year. So without further ado, let us share some top tips on how to be more sustainable at festivals - a hopeful attempt to inspire long-lasting change on a national, if not global, scale.

Earth-First at Festivals

Festival posters printed on recycled paper and flyers printed on recycled paper are an iconic advertising feature; a staple of bus shelters, tube platforms, and bustling street corners. A timeless classic that effectively spreads the word, flyers and posters definitely help raise awareness for individual festivals. However, the paper used in production won’t reduce your carbon footprint and is certainly not a healthy planet-friendly option.

Why not opt for a sustainable alternative that still provides plenty of room to make a visual and ethical statement? We offer eco friendly posters that are manufactured from 100% recycled fibres. A robust and lightweight recycled poster - advertise your business around the clock without hampering the environment in the process!

Make Entry or Check-In a Breeze

Anyone who has ever attended a music festival understands that getting in is half the battle; so if you’re trying to plan an environmentally friendly festival, it’s vital to follow an earth-friendly mode of conduct. Personalisable paper wristbands are the best promotional tool to secure your festival, control entry, and visitor management - plus after use, you can widely recycle the band in any waste paper bin.

Why we stopped selling Red Solo Cups?

We discussed previously the value of biodegradable cups as a strong alternative to standard plastic cups. In the last few years, plastic has emerged as a monumental issue that has swept across the globe. It is estimated that plastic can take up to 100 - 1,000 years to fully decompose, a staggering figure which highlights the incredibly toxic and harmful aspect to this man-made material.

While plastic was a genius creation when first invented, now it has been mass-produced on such a devastatingly huge scale - with single-use plastics overpopulating countries across the world. The final straw (pardon the pun) was with the impact that single-use straws had on our oceans; an estimated 8.3 billion straws now pollute the sea and harm ecosystems around the world.

Aside from straws, plastic cups have had a detrimental impact on the planet with festivals being one of the worst offenders to date. An estimated 100 million solo cups are thrown away by events every year; so it’s clearly time for seismic change! Which is why we have removed it from our product line.

When it comes to planning for environmentally friendly festivals, why not ditch plastic cups (figuratively of course) and opt for sustainable single layer paper cups? You can even grab custom-made and super affordable biodegradable paper cups that compost in a fortnight; a sustainable alternative that doesn’t mean you have to quit your daily coffee-fix

The Future of print is Green

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for event organisers and attendees to make environmentally friendly choices during the festival season. Here at Apprintable, we’re doing everything we can to pave the way for eco-friendly change that helps the planet and our valuable customers.

For more information about our green offering, head over to our recycled products for printing range. Alternatively, check out all the details about how we put our environmental print into practice with our products.