Font Sizing of Artwork

Let’s get right into it! We see artwork uploaded with fonts of many different sizes, weights and styles. Now, it must be understood, these designs can look incredible on-screen. However, it could end up not looking so clear and might even not even show once wrapped around the wrist! Fear not - here’s the perfect guide for you!

coloured wristbands with artwork

Now here you can see that the artwork placed on the printed tyvek wristband template doesn’t reach the end of the wristband!

This is to allow the wristband to wrap around fully but still be able to show the important artwork needed for the event!

We recommend that the artwork does not exceed the 155mm width mark.

Font Weights and Sizes

Next we look at the weights and sizes, Now the thin fonts may look very clean, defined and crisp on screen. Once printed and viewed from a distance not so close - it will appear illegible and will not serve the same purpose anymore.

We recommend a minimum font size of 9pt and regular/medium font weights. Any Thin or Light font weights may not be so visible once printed.

fonts weights and sizes

Vectors over Images!

You can design your wristbands with our templates if you prefer to work with Adobe illustrator or Photoshop

We have created a guide on how to convert images to vectors ready for print!


As you may have seen, we print in/on a wide variety of colours. This allows us to deliver a wristband that can be suitable for any and every occasion!

Our custom fabric wristbands can be used for all occasions. We have printed for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Club Nights, Product Release Nights, Festivals and so much more. You name it, we’ve printed for it. We even have full black tyvek wristbands for a simpler, more professional appeal.

Our black ink can easily be read across all of our stocked colours - if you are designing bright colours please be aware that they may not be legible to see once printed.

We recommend that you check your foreground design element colours against the different colours of our background here:

Extra Help

At Apprintable, we put our customers first, if you need any extra help please do not hesitate to call us and we can walk you through the process and answer any queries you have.

Call: 0203 633 3442