Printed Plastic Cards

With a hand-picked selection of printable plastic cards, you can rest assured that we have the perfect product to leave a lasting impression and boost sales. From plastic cards, 3 key tags in a single card, printed plastic VIP premium event pass, to a cheap plastic snap off card, we are the best membership card supplier that can help optimise your business!

When starting a new promotional marketing campaign, it is easy to be intimidated by the plethora of options available on the market. Perhaps you may be eager to get your hands on a printed plastic gift card with serial numbering or a transparent blank gift card to hand out as a customer giveaway or a membership-driven program. Whatever it is, simply plastic cards at Apprintable can generate brand awareness and remarkably transform your promotional campaign.

The right plastic card can make a successful and long-lasting impression and may often lead to a fruitful customer or client relationship. Custom plastic card printing no minimum can be typically found through point of sale (POS) interactions or added to a pair of keys - highly effective branded products that customers will see over and over again.

Apprintable is your PVC Plastic Card Printer Solution

Whether you manage a gym, retail shop, grocery store, or restaurant, our plastic card range is an excellent marketing or functional tool and can help secure long lasting customer relationships. With free delivery across the UK and so many customisable features, colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from; it is no surprise our promotional plastic card catalogue is the best in the business.

The printing credit card sized plastic range is versatile, useful, and a convenient pocket-size; it’s hard to find a better alternative on the market. Compliment plastic information cards with designer printed lanyards to strengthen brand identity. Printable plastic cards are a real novelty; at a low cost and high reward, give your brand the recognition it deserves and order today!


No design, no problem! At Apprintable we can help you design any promotional merchandise that you require to fit into your company image. Browse through our professional templates, check out our online design tool, or touch base with one of our in-house graphic designers and let’s create something special!
A keepsake to remind attendees about the successful event - event passes are the perfect marketing and branding tool. Plastic event passes identify guests, authorise access, and prevent fraud; stay organised and promote your business at the same time.
The plastic key tag, 3 Key tags in a single card, and event passes all contain a perforated edge - the perfect addition to any pair of keys.
Our plastic key tags, 2 part snap off plastic cards, three split key tags, and lastly event passes, can all be embedded with a barcode. As well as being fully customisable and with total coverage, you can also incorporate signature slips as an optional feature, contact us for more information!
Also known as a Micrometer is one millionth of a metre - according to the micron definition in wikipedia. When we say micron for a plastic card it is the thickness of the PVC used. A typical bank card is 760micron about 0.76mm – which is the industry standard for plastic cards.
Most bank cards are 0.76mm (760micron), same as our membership or plastic gift cards.
All of our cards are made from full PVC plastic – not encapsulated cardboard. All our cards also come with rounded corners as standard