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Step in the Right Direction with Branded Promotional Mugs

In a technologically advanced and fast-moving world, many businesses are looking for ways to stand out in an often oversaturated market. Operating through an online digital presence is sometimes not enough, companies need to develop innovative marketing strategies and offer bespoke products or tailor-made services to get noticed.

It is a widely held belief that, if done right, television and paid-ads are the best performing medium to generate sales. However, there are two specific problems with TV advertising namely, the monumental expense and inability to target a specific audience segment.

There is another method to promote your business in an efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical way. While they may not be a typical and traditional mode of advertising, coffee mug printing reaches a much higher scope than conventional promotional merchandise.

Widespread Benefits of Logo Coffee Mugs

Not only is wholesale mug printing UK a vehicle for advertising, but our branded mugs are immensely versatile. Mugs with logo printed incites action; they can be used in product giveaways that can motivate customers to enter competitions, visit your company website, or get in touch.

From decor around the office to branded merchandise that can accompany you during trade shows, conference calls, or business events, mugs printed company logos are incredibly multifunctional. What’s more, the promotional mugs are reusable - no need to discard disposable coffee cups when you have an eye catching and wallet-friendly mug!

We are an online printing service in London with mug printing facilities that understands the exciting promotional value of our custom-made ceramic mugs. That is why we deploy a Direct Screen Printing technique to manufacture a robust and long-lasting mug; all you need to concern yourself with is the striking visuals!

Our bespoke printing services are second-to-none - if we may say so ourselves. We stock a Cambridge Promotional Mug, Premium Company Logo Mugs, Sparta Corporate Branded Mugs, and a Promotional Bell Mug to brighten up your marketing output and any table setting.

Looking for a quick coffee fix on the-go that doesn’t hamper the natural world? Alongside our beautiful treasure trove of promotional mugs, we also offer reusable custom-made travel mugs that can suit any occasion! Better for the environment and your wallet, our branded stainless steel mug and custom coloured travel mug is a great supplement to harmful Styrofoam plastic. Switch to an earth-friendly alternative and make long-lasting sustainable changes with the biodegradable coffee mug; going green never looked so good!

  • Direct Screen Printing
  • Plethora of vibrant colour options
  • Fully customisable
  • Large capacity and direct print area
  • Speedy and free delivery throughout the UK


Without a doubt, our most popular mug is the cambridge promotional earthenware mug. A universal crowd-pleaser, the standard cambridge mug is used time and time again by corporate giants and small local businesses across the UK. With an abundance of colours and boasting a generous print area, it is no wonder the cambridge mug is constantly a best seller!
The cost-effective and technologically advanced printing technique we use on all of our branded earthenware mugs is a direct screen printing method. This efficient method directly applies spot colours onto the mug by printing through a screen.
Promotional mugs fulfill an extensive variety of different usages. From promotional giveaways, direct mail-out campaigns, to displays at events, reception desks, and corporate meetings, mugs are suitable for any setting. Not only are the promotional ceramic mugs extremely versatile, but they are a great way to build brand recognition and increase sales in the long run.