A lot of people are used to digital marketing, and for the most part, that’s indoors. Typically, folks are exposed to a brand’s marketing on their screens, and that’s in the digital space.

As a business person, you have to utilise both indoor and outdoor marketing to sell your brand. Just how popular and effectual is outdoor marketing?

Take for instance, how consumers encounter outdoor advertising via stickers, shop signs, vehicle wraps, bus stop posters and furniture, among others. In fact, according to statistics, consumers are exposed to over 4,000 pieces of regular marketing every day. Consumer habits are basically and largely influenced by outdoor marketing.

What Is Outdoor Marketing?

As the name implies, outdoor marketing is marketing that is carried out outdoors, and this is beyond the online sphere. Through this means, you are able to establish an engagement and connection between your audience and your brand. You have to be creative in this endeavour so that you can get your brand out there- where you can allow a number of people to be aware of your business.

Marketing your business outdoors is subtle, yet at the same time, it is pervasive. Not that you have to blatantly call the attention of your prospective customers to your product, but they’ll notice and see it anyway. It’s just hard to avoid.

And when they come across the name of your brand, they are likely to keep it on top of their minds. You have to develop a memorable brand, so to speak- and that’s in the online and offline arena. This way, you can generate huge sales.

One of the major types of outdoor marketing is through outdoor dining materials, and this is effective if you are in the hospitality business. These include a parasol, deck chairs, bean bags or cafe barriers. These tools will help you capture the attention of your audience as you flaunt your brand. Your business will then be promoted to people who are passing by.

What Is A Branded Giant Deck Chair For Marketing?

If you’re looking for the hottest promotion product, especially for the summer, you can’t miss a branded deck chair. What’s so amazing about this marketing tool is that it is positioned outdoors but it is shareable online as well. Looking fun, unique and quirky, it's absolutely ‘Instagrammable’. It’s just a fantastic decor to display out in the sun.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Branded Deck Chair

 branded deck chair

1. It’s fun and memorable

This marketing tool is just awesome, and it will set you apart from your competition. It’s something that people will notice and even tempt them to drop by and take a seat.

2. You can use them on various occasions

A branded deck chair is reusable, and you can recycle them for use at different events. Other than being positioned in your shop, they can be displayed at trade shows.

3. You can design them in any way you want, and they’re versatile

Whatever industry your business is in, you can design and use a branded deck chair to advertise your brand.

4. Your customers can share them on social media

Sitting on attractive chairs and having their pictures taken gives customers the opportunity to post them on social media. This will provide massive exposure to your brand. Add a hashtag to your deck chairs, too, so that they’ll be share-friendly.

5. They’re practical

Looking attractive, people will actually interact with a branded deck chair, after which they are apt to engage. You can purchase a good quantity of them as you instantly make your social space fun and perky for your customers.

Opt For A Custom Printed Giant Deck Chair

If you’re deciding on a product that’ll make a perfect centrepiece for your community or company event, a great option is a giant deck chair. This item is bound to create a huge splash on your party or a themed event.

Being eye-catching as a focal point in your event, guests can take pictures of themselves on a giant deck chair and post them on social media. To advertise your brand, you can have its name custom-printed on the chair. It is definitely exciting as a promotional tool.

Your attendees can be seated as they promote your product. Apparently, they would be clamouring to have their photographs taken as the deck chair looks unique and one-of-a-kind. As they get it posted on their social media accounts, and accessed by their friends, followers and family, you’ll get the chance to spread the word about your brand online at no additional cost.

What’s so perky about a giant deck chair is that it is huge in size and can seat two or even three people. You can have it customized with your preferred image, caption or graphic- something conspicuous that carries your brand, and this is done on waterproof fabric. This material is then arranged on a robust wooden frame that locks in place, making sure that everyone is safe.

Custom-printed giant deck chairs are suitable for display and as a centrepiece during company events, birthday celebrations, garden parties, weddings, fundraisers, beach-themed events, community fun days, award ceremonies and more.

So on your next event and for an effective outdoor marketing tool, order your custom-printed and well-designed giant deck chair.

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