Happiness and productivity go hand in hand in a workplace. That’s why employees should have a bit of fun and relaxation while working. This includes being given the opportunity to socialize, network and bond with their colleagues as well.

In this aspect, a company should always consider having corporate events. Happenings such as these make employees feel happier- that in turn allows them to have a better perception of the company they are working for.

It lets them talk well about it and at the same time perform better and ultimately contribute their effort for the success of their employer.

If you happen to be a planner for corporate events, how do you pick the best ones?

By all means, your ideas for them should promote employee engagement. Not only do instances like those create good memories, but they give workers a reason to value what they do and who they work for.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Corporate Event Theme

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Corporate Event Theme

What are the elements that you should take into account when planning for a corporate event? They are listed below (make sure to check out our custom cloth wristbands for events!).

1. Audience Engagement

See to it that the event you are planning allows everyone to participate. They should be in on the activities, and in the same way converse with each other. This is especially useful for employees who work remotely because they seldom see each other in person.

2. Participants’ Interaction and Connection

It’s actually more than engaging your employees when you hold a social event. Aside from that, you should encourage them to interact and connect with each other.

3. Innovate- Use The Latest Trends

Ice breakers are so passe. On the other hand, do your research on what the latest social event tools and platforms are.

Fun Social Event Ideas That Employees Will Enjoy

Fun Social Event Ideas

1. Houseplant Workshop

Give your employees the gift of relishing botany. When they work remotely and mostly stay at home, perks their habits quite a bit. Invite people in your team to join a local plant workshop.

While attending the said workshop, ask each of your team members to take pictures of their plant babies. Then, have them add their photographs to a social wall. This apparently is through a social media platform where they can post their photos with a branded hashtag

Then update how everyone is going with their pet plants after a few weeks. How’s their progress? It would be fantastic to see how people’s botanical babies have thrived and blossomed.

2. Virtual Reality Trip

VR is a pretty typical program nowadays, but there are virtual reality sessions that are designed for employee events, too. Through VR, you can take trips such as that to a

  • Caribbean island
  • An amusement park
  • Historical tour of your city

There’s plenty, in fact- anything you can think of.

Be sure to take pictures of everyone with their goggles on. Ask them how their experience was, and let them share their testimonials on a social wall. The interesting content generated by your employees can attract new talent.

3. Trivia

A trivia or quiz that you can hold online or offline is something that brainy employees are sure to look forward to. To do this, have your team members tune in to a social wall that features real-time updates. There, have people place their direct posts.

Promote your big and exciting prizes to your social wall, and then announce who the winners are for every round. Aside from these, employees can post their selfies and comments on the said wall.

4. Stand-Up Comedian

This is good for a lot of laughs but see to it that the professional you’re hiring is corporate-friendly. It would be apt if he or she avoids talking about prejudices, politics and religion. Have the guy or gal entertain your pack at your social event.

As a preparation, ask the comedian to post an introduction video or a teaser on your social wall. It’s absolutely going to pique everyone’s interest.

5. Employee Appreciation Awards

Give credit to your employees for doing their best. And they are likely to do better if their efforts are being recognized. Research has proven this fact.

So make your team members’ wishes come true by recognizing them at an employee awards ceremony. It’s just like any awards ceremony, but in this case, you guarantee that everyone brings home an award.

There are major categories, of course, but you can think up other random and creative ones, such as The Best In Small Talk, The Most Fashionista, Or The Most Empathetic.

Again, take every awardee’s pictures and post them to your social wall. This gives them something to share and be proud of with their friends and family.

6. Sales Contest

Engage your teams in healthy and friendly competition. It is inclined to boost their motivation while they’re having fun.

Challenge your team to work for a goal for a certain period. Throughout the course of their progress, periodically, ask them to share their accomplishments on your wall. This event is bound to perk up your sales, but other than that, it elevates your team’s performance and morale.

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7. Costume Competition

As the name implies, you can incite your workers’ imagination by letting them participate in a costume competition. You can select your categories so that you can choose an individual or group winner.

This event is definitely fun for employees as they mingle and get wacko. If your team is working remotely, you can hold the contest via Zoom or let people post their pictures on your wall.

8. Virtual Party Games

Your team members can carry this event out in their homes, right after work, particularly if they work from there. Engage everybody on a weekly zoom call and ask them to play virtual games. As a motivation, tell them to post screenshots of their scores along with photos and prizes of winners.

9. Karaoke Club

Teamwork can be heaps of fun with everyone in the team playing with the power of pop music. Select a specific genre every time your workers meet and delegate judges to score performances. Photos and photos, please! Then ask your employees to post them to your wall with your company hashtag.


With all these possibilities for an enjoyable and engaging social event, your team will have plenty of reasons to love working in your company.

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